Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Soul Satisfying Survey

Okay, I stole this from another blog a couple of weeks ago with plans of getting to it. I saved it, but didn't save the link to who posted it. So, I can't credit them, but the gal I got it from, did say in her rambling that it originated from
Heather So thank you to Heather.

1) What is your life verse:

I honestly think that this is going to change soon. I mean all the time I am finding new verses that speak to me and where I am in my life right now. When I went away to a Christian College, I was asked by many what my life verse was. At that time, I didn't have one, nor did I really understand how to know which verse could classify as my life verse. I started going through verses that I had underlined in my Bible and I came to Psalm 139:9-10. It says that "If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." I loved it. I still do. I think it is so poetic and beautiful. At that time in my life, I had just gotten over some rough patches in my life. And I felt God's hand in my life so strongly that spring and summer before heading off to school. I knew that no matter what I was facing and no matter where I found myself, God would always be there. I will always love this verse so much, but sometimes I see other verses and think, wow...that's such an awesome piece of Bible right there. I just think that as we experience new things in our lives, different verses speak to us that may not have before. But for now, Psalm 139:9-10 is my verse.

2) Give a bit of your testimony:

Well, let's see. I grew up in a not so religious family. My dad wasn't really into church, but when we lived in Connecticut, he loved the community of the small town church and knew my mom loved it, so he tried to get involved with it as best he could. My mom came from a very strict Catholic background. I think she had some bad experiences in her Catholic school, because she had such a weird perception of God. I know that at her age, they were disciplined with the ruler on their wrist for many things. With my mom, I grew up hearing things like, "Oh, you stubbed your toe, that's because God is punishing you." Anyway, when we moved to Arizona, my family tried out a bunch of churches, but never really found a church home. So, we stopped attending church. On Christmas and Easter, we would attend the nearby Catholic church. But that was the only time we really went. In Junior High, I became friends with an awesome Christian gal, Gina Lamb. I don't remember going to church with her, but she would invite me every now and then to attend Christian concerts with her. So, at 13, I attended a White Cross concert with her and her mom. I had never heard of the group before, but I liked them. They did an altar call near the end of the concert and I felt it, that stirring, that desire and I accepted Christ in my life as my Savior right then and there. I remember being so nervous about having to go to some room after the concert to talk to a bunch of people. But of course, everyone was nice and rejoicing for me and I was given a Bible.

In High School, I became involved in a church through a high school friend. They had a pretty active youth group that would hang out on Wednesday nights and do church camps and things. I remember my dad telling me that he thought that I was in a cult. It was hard trying to grow in my faith at that age without my parents really being Christian. I remember being so confused by things I'd read in the Bible. But I never questioned my salvation during those years, because I remember after the day I asked Christ into my life, I had a peace within me that I hadn't felt before. And that peace helped me through a lot of difficult times growing up. Anyway, like all sheep, I began going astray after high school. When I went away to a Christian College when I was 21, I remember beginning to cry during one of the chapel services I was attending. Right then and there, I had a quiet conversation with God. I apologized for the turns I had taken in my life, for the things that I had done that were against His word. It was then that I re-dedicated my life to Him.

3) Do you have a favorite preacher?
Hmmm....not really a favorite, no. I really really like my Pastor at my church, I think that he is awesome!

4) What's the best Bible Study you've ever done?
Right now, I am doing a Beth Moore Bible study called Living Beyond Yourself and I love it. It is my first time doing a Beth Moore Bible study and I have grown quite fond of her. I love watching her videos. They make you think, they tug at your heart, they teach you, they make you cry and they make you laugh. I love it.

5) What do you feel God's calling is on your life?
Wow, I wish I knew that answer. Right now, I think He is working on me for a bit and changing my heart in places. I can just tell that He has something exciting for me, but He is preparing me right now for it. I have two things that I am passionate about. One is working with and helping hurting kids and another is singing. I would be so happy to be used by God in one of those areas. However, I also would love to go on missions trips, to help out orphans, to work in other countries with their unsaved children. I also think it would be fun to work with youth in a church as well...like the jr. high or high schoolers. So, we'll see. Whatever God's calling is, I sure do hope I take the time to listen and follow His path. It can be so easy at times to go in our own direction, isn't it?


Julie said...

just looking through blogs and read that you are a daycare provider. I am too. Glad to find someone else in the same profession:). I am from Illinois. Hope to hear from you. We all need support and an adult to talk to in this business right? :) :)