Monday, May 15, 2006

Picture of The Miss

Well, I tried to get a really cute picture of the misstonight. I know you all want to see her. She was laughing and sticking her tongue out at her daddy tonight for a bit. It was just after her bath, so she is in her robe. I think I took like 30 pictures, and in most of them, her head would be turned or she would be mid sentence or something. So, anyway, here is a picture of her. You can't see her bruised head at all much anymore. The goose egg is gone and the bruise is way up high by her hairline, so her bangs hide it. She does have a black eye. It is on the upper lid, so you can only see it when her eyes are half open or closed. You can kinda see it in this picture, but barely.
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Anonymous said...

Im so glad to see that precious baby she loks so good to my eyes. I can see her eye is closed somewhat and the bruise on her head I can see but she looks so much better than I thought Praise God he took that goose egg and gave her that beautiful smile back . We prayed most of Sat nite and Sunday. I could not bring myself to look at her pictures on the blog I was too sad but now I can look again she is looking just almost perfect Love and Praise God.GG

Anonymous said...

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