Thursday, May 25, 2006

A, B, C

ABC's of Me blog
I found this on another's blog and decided to do it too.

Accent: I've actually been told by people that they can tell I am originally from back East. They say that I speak properly. LOL, I don't agree at all. But, Okay. I mean I am originally from Connecticut, so they are right. I just don't think I speak that well. Shrugs.

Bible Book that I like:Gosh a lot.
I love Paul's writing. I have underlined the most verses in Books like Phillipians, Ephesians, Galatians and Colossians.

Chore that I don't care for: Mopping the kitchen floor. I think it is because our floor in there is so old, that even when I mop it, you can't really tell. So, I am left to feel like I didn't accomplish anything even though I did.

Dog or Cat: Used to be dog. But our lovely Luna has not been so lovely and I am beginning to not like either. I'll stick with kids.

Essential Electronics: My computer of course. The dishwasher, definitely. All of our ceiling fans and stand up fans all over our house to make up for not having air conditioning.

Favorite Cologne: My hubby wears Axe, not that it is cologne...but I actually really, really like it. He used to wear Polo Sport and that smelled good too.

Gold or Silver: Silver, all the way. I am not a big fan of gold jewelry. My ring is white gold, so that it looks silver.

Handbag I Carry most often:My purse, for now. I can fit an extra diaper and wipes in there. But soon it will be replaced with a diaper bag.

Insomnia: I have a lot of that lately. The baby moves around like crazy and between that, back pain and leg cramps, I don't get deep sleep, that's for sure.

Job Title: Wife, Mommy, Day Care Teacher, Cook, Housecleaner :o) But, I don't mind. :o)

Kids: A two and a half year old and a little baby on the way. He will be here soon.

Living Arrangements: Live with my hubby and little girl in a tri-level house somewhere in the U.S.

Most Admirable Trait: In me? empathy.

Naughtiest childhood behavior: Gosh, I dunno. I was just miss attitude. I talked back to my mom all of the time. I spoke my mind with my parents always!

Overnight hospital stay: I stayed overnight when I had my appendix removed before my senior year of high school. I also stayed overnight a couple of weeks ago when my baby girl fractured her skull.

Phobias: I don't like bees or wasps. I had a traumatic experience involving tons of wasps when I was around 6 years old and since then, I am terrified of them. Wasps, more than bees because they don't die after they sting you, they just keep on stinging.

Quote: I have so many quotes that I love.
The one I use the most is that it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

Religion: I am a Christian

Siblings: I have a brother who is six years younger than me.

Time I wake up: Usually between 6:30 and 7:45 depending on when the miss wakes up.

Unusual Talent or skill: I can do the Red Rum line from The Shining, perfectly. My eyes bug out and everything. My hubby thinks it is freaky when I do it and makes me stop.

Vegetable I refuse to eat:Squash

Worst habit: I can let emotions get the best of me. I can easily get into a funk...more easily than I'd like to. But, I am working on it.

X-rays: lots of my teeth, that's for sure. I had a chest x-ray once. I think that is it though, that I can remember.

Yummy stuff I cook:I'm more of a fan of the things I bake. I loooove sweets....cookies, cakes, I find it fun to bake those kinds of things. Not only do they smell sooooo good baking, but they are heavenly to eat.

Zoo animal I like most: This used to always be the white tiger. But, since going to the zoo a few times with the miss, I have to say that the monkeys, gorillas and orangutans are the most fun to really watch. They sure do love to put on a show.


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

So fun to learn about people!!

I am with you on a lot of these - like worst habit letting emotions getting the est of me!!

but I like squash.