Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mother's Day Gift

Many of you already know about this, but I wanted to share bits and pieces from my weekend, because it has to do with my Mother's Day gift.
Anyway, this weekend was definitely a scary one that was very emotionally draining. On Saturday evening, the miss took quite a fall. She fell about 4 feet and landed face down, on her head on the sidewalk. Her forehead took the entire force of the fall. We went to the emergency room and she began vomiting, so they took her back to be checked out right away. I won't go into details about the ordeal, because honestly, I don't want to talk about it anymore. But they had to do tests and she had to be given certain drugs to help in the testing and it was so hard to see her like that and it was heart wrenching. Anyway, they did a cat scan to check for any internal bleeding. If there was any, they'd have to do surgery. Our doctor thought the scans came back okay. He was pretty certain that we'd be gong home, but they had to be checked out by a specialist in Maine. While looking over them, he determined that the miss' skull had been fractured. We were admitted so that she could be monitored overnight. Then today, they had a neurosurgeon and some specialists who work in the ICU, look over her scans and her chart. They all came to the conclusion that she was okay and could go home. Of course, there can be effects from her head/brain trauma that we won't see yet, like her memory or other cognitive abilities. Either Monday or Tuesday, we will have an appointment with the neurosurgeon. He will go over the scans with us, show us the skull fracture, explain everything to us and also check the miss out and see her and make sure she is okay.
Anyway, about my mother's day present...... After her fall, she was not herself, obviously. She was very lethargic, very out of it. When she was drugged for her cat scan, she was comatose. Even after the medicine was wearing off, my little miss was not herself. At around 12:30 in the morning, she got a burst of energy. She started tickling her daddy, one of her favorite things to do, and she started saying to him, "I got you." I looked over at her, fought back tears and told her that seeing my little punkin' be her cute little self was the most wonderful Mother's Day present ever.
She seems to be fine. I think she will be okay. The fracture will over time heal on its own. Thankfully children recover much better and faster from head/brain trauma than adults do. She is a tough cookie. But just keep her in your prayers please.



Nellie Bellie said...

We are so thankful that this was not more serious...we will continue to pray. Thank you for calling us! I teared up listening to your message...your such a good mom!!!

Anonymous said...

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