Monday, May 22, 2006

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Every Monday, I will be doing a new meme called My Life Monday. the gal who started it posts a question for us to answer about our lives. I missed doing this last week and it was about meeting your spouse, that would have been fun to write about. :o)
Anyway this week's question is, My parents named me __________ because . . . Tell us about your name. Do you like it or dislike it? Would you name yourself something else? Does your name fit you? Share all your thoughts and feelings on your name.

My parents named me Erica. My mom picked it out. I was named after Susan Lucci's character on All My Children, Erica Kane. Yep, named after a soap star. It's funny, I have talked to other people named Erica who are close to my age, and many of them were also named after Erica Kane. It's definitely better in my opinion than some other soap names out there like Bianca. No offense to any Bianca's who may read this. I am pretty sure I would have picked out a different name for myself, because I know I have never really felt like an Erica. But then I think it's silly to think we should feel like our name. But, I remember when I was a teenager, I contemplated going by my middle name, Kristin.

If you look up my name meaning on the Kabalarian Site
Supposedly it gives the characteristics of my personality based on my name meaning. So, let's see how accurate it is, shall we.

Although the name Erica creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes an emotional intensity that is hard to control. Your name of Erica makes you very idealistic and generous, with the strong desire to uplift humanity leading you into situations where you can express your desire to serve others. You want to assume responsibilities and to look after people; however, you can become too involved in other people's problems and tend to worry. Your name gives you a natural desire to express along artistic and musical lines. You desire a settled home and family life, and are expressive and attentive to your loved ones.

Well, I would say that that really describes me pretty well. Interesting.

I do have one tiny pet peeve about my name and that is that I am always asked, "is that with a c or a k?" So, a lot of times I have to tell people that I am Erica with a C. And then they usually say something like, oh, my niece spells her's with a K. And then they leave it at that. Sometimes I want to say, so are you telling me her way is better? Anyway, that's all the fun I have for you today regarding my name. :o)


Rachelle said...

That was fun to read! Thank you for participating. BTW, I think Erica should be spelled with a C.

Blackeyedsue said...

I agree with Rachelle. Erica seems prettier with a C.

Jessica said...

How neat!

I just found your blog and let me say...I too am a Christian's AWESOME to find other Christian moms online who have blogs sharing their lives as Christians and as Christian Moms! It REALLY is AWESOME!

Feel free to stop by my site (you'll need to register for FREE first before you can post a comment...just click on the register link on the right side of the page) and leave a comment and say hello (just click on Leave Your Comment on any of my blog entries or whatever and post reply on the box that comes up). Hope to have you as a regular visitor to my site and I'll try to visit your's often as well!

Nellie Bellie said...

Well my mom named me Janelle because when she was pregnant with me she was ironing for money and was watching a game show and there was a contestant named Janelle...

Dawnyel said...

I love that Kabalarian site. What they say about my name fits me! That's cool...Thanks for the site! I also agree that Erica should be spelled with a c....much prettier!!

Pixie said...

All My Children is my fav. soap & of course what would it be without Erica? I think no matter how you spell it, it's a beautiful name. Now Shellie you can spell 3 ways & that gets annoying. Wanna trade?