Monday, March 31, 2008

A Few Pictures

I still need to get a family picture taken so I can redo my header image.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Baby's Here

Well, I had the baby at 2:57 Easter Morning. And the experience was amazing and wonderful. Everything went so well. And it wasn't as painful as I worried it would be.
This was my first experience with a completely natural birth at home, and really, it was by far the best birth of the three that I have had.
On Saturday morning, I woke up and just knew that I was going to be in labor. I have no idea how I knew, but I did. I went into nesting mode and cleaned up the house like crazy, which I am so glad that I did.
I also started having contractions. They were irregular throughout the day, but they stayed put no matter what activity I did, sitting, standing, laying down. So, I really thought that this could be it. I didn't call my midwife, however, until 8:00 that night, after I had a bloody show and more consistent contractions. She had me time them for awhile and call her back. At 9:30 P.M., my midwife, my friend and doula, Tiffany, and my other friend, Sara, came over to be with me during my labor and delivery. At around that time, I was checked and was 5 centimeters, so my contractions throughout the day had done stuff, which was nice to know.

For the entire labor, my contractions stayed about 4-5 minutes apart and lasted about a minute, and were very manageable.
It was fun having my friends around, because it was very social. We were constantly cracking jokes and having a good time.

Wearing Tiff's hat and being silly.

Eating a snack before starting to walk up and down the stairs sideways to help the baby move down.

I also spent some time on an exercise ball, which actually felt really good during contractions. That gal in the picture with me, is Merrie, my midwife.

It was so wonderful being at home. I got to eat if wanted to, and drink fluids. I got to hang out in an environment that was relaxed. And I felt safe the entire time. And I became a big fan of the pool. It felt so relaxing to be in the warm water.

The gals all kept talking about how calm and peaceful I was during contractions. Sometimes, they couldn't even tell I was having one. In fact, my friend, Sara, took several pictures of me in the middle of a contraction, so that I could see how peaceful I looked.

From past experience, I kept waiting for my contractions to get really intense or right on top of each other. I began to think that maybe I wasn't progressing. My contractions seemed to be easy, although they did hurt.
I mean here are several where I really felt them...

I even joked at one point that I was bored. My midwife found that comment to be rather funny. She mentioned that she had never heard anyone in labor say that before.

After making that comment, however, we decided I should be checked again. And we found that I was 9 centimeters dialated and fully effaced. The only thing keeping me from 10, was my bag of waters keeping the baby up a bit. I couldn't believe that I was at 9 and not feeling miserable. So we headed back to the pool to work on trying to push and break my waters.

I pushed through several contractions and then asked my midwife to help. All it took was a little touch of her finger, and my waters were broken. So now, it was time to push the little guy out.

Before heading over to be by my side for the pushing, the hubby said a little prayer.

I can't remember how many pushes it was, but I know it went fast. It did hurt, but it wasn't as painful as I had thought that it was going to be. And if you had told me as he was coming out, that he was 9 lbs., I wouldn't have believed you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

So, I Think

I don't want to jinx anything...but I think that today is the day. Just a feeling I have. Although, I have had this feeling several other times over the last couple of weeks.
But, really, this time it's different....or so I'd like to think.
The hubby left a little bit ago, to take my MIL to the airport, which is almost 2 hours away. So, he won't be back until around noon, I think.
And, he took the kids with him, so that I could sleep.
Unfortunately, everyone woke up late this morning, so I got up to help get the kids ready. And once I get up, I am up. I don't feel tired though, for once!
So, I am cleaning. I am doing things that are harder to do when the kids are in the house, like mopping.
I am also distracting myself with other's blogs, right now. One of the blogs had this test on it. So naturally, I had to use a free minute to try it out too.

73 words

Speed test

I mean, one must take full advantage of a house without children in it, right?

Okay, off to go do laundry and mop. Yay!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun With Grandma

I know that I have been MIA for a couple of days. I wish I could say it's because I have had a baby. But, nope, that's not the case. My Mother-In-Law has been out for a visit, so we've all been hanging out. The miss has been having so much fun doing girly things with grandma, like putting on makeup and such.
Here's the miss and grandma.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That's Better

The mister was up in his room playing. The miss ran to get him and bring him downstairs. And on the way down, she hollered about how he had poop in his diaper and really smelled.
So the kiddos played for a few in the front room, but the miss was very bothered by his stench. And no, mommy hadn't changed him yet.
So the miss ran into the kitchen and came back like this.....

And she said..."There, that's much better."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Baby Confuses Me

I am 39 weeks today, and for the past 2 weeks I have been having contractions. Sometimes it is very easy to tell when they are just Braxton Hicks contractions, but there are other times, like last night, when I truly think I am in labor, only to have it stop.
I decided Saturday night, after another time of insisting to myself that I was going into labor, that I won't focus on the contractions anymore, until they are very painful.
That only scares me a little bit, because I see myself waiting until they are on top of each other and I am really hurting, before I call my midwife. And I may end up cutting it close, as far as getting everyone here on time.
I almost called her last night, not because they were on top of each other, but because they were different this time and felt so real and were painful. But since it was 1:30 A.M., I decided to go to sleep, and, well, they stopped.
But for an hour, I had contractions every 4 minutes, that lasted 40 seconds or so. And at the end of each one, it went into my back and hurt. So, now I am certain I'll have back labor with this baby. At one point, I think I even said, "ouch", because the pain it caused in my back, well, it wasn't fun, LOL.
So, I turned the fireplace on downstairs, in the room I will labor in, so that it would get nice and warm down there, and I went to bed. I thought for sure, I'd wake up in pain or my water would break or something. But, here I am, 5.5 hours later, without a contraction in sight.
Everyone says that once you are in labor, you'll know. And I have had 2 kids already, yet one was induced, and the other came after my water broke, and once the contractions hit, they came on pretty forcefully. So, I don't know what it feels like to start out labor with contractions, that end up getting stronger and stronger.
But, I do know, that last night I knew.....I thought I knew....but apparently, I didn't.
And, so, I am left confused.
I did read a great blog the other day, Olive Plants. The writer is a mom of 8, and she has been having these same kind of contractions, like me. So, at least I know that I am not the only one.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pinata Girl

Sometimes, I think my miss is dramatic....but this takes the cake. It's sooo funny, though.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Singing Through The Pain

My friend just sent this to me...and I think I may just have to give this a try!!!!!!
Here’s what the site said..
"Singing or toning during labor contractions is a wonderful coping technique for labor pain. Vocalization through singing or toning creates a vibration throughout the body that can assist the muscles and ligaments to relax. Singing and toning also facilitates full deep breathing which brings fresh oxygen to the mother and baby. Vocalizing can also relax the jaw which correspondingly relaxes the pelvis. Singing or toning also has emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits promoting mind-body integration, centering, and focus."

Also, I was thinking last night, that one of the first places I tense up, is in my mouth. I clench my jaw. I do it constantly. In fact, a lot of times, when I do that, I have to focus on placing my tongue on the roof of my mouth, so I can't clench my jaw as tightly.
And I know, when in labor, I will clench my jaw, and that will make my contractions worse.
But if I sing, well, it will be impossible to clench my jaw.

Singing has always relaxed was my escape when I dealt with very emotional things, with my family, growing up. Oh, and what a gorgeous voice this gal has.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why My Mister Doesn't Need Toys

So my 20 month old, the mister, doesn't need anybody to buy him toys, because he barely plays with them.
Instead, he will spend an hour, at the unplugged microwave. He opens it, places a toy pan in it, and then closes it. He then repeats that a million times.
He takes out the pots and pans, goes to my utensil drawer to grab a spoon, and stirs imaginary food around in a pan. He then walks to the table to place the pan up there. He repeats that a bagillion times as well.
And his favorite toy lately is an empty gallon jug.
He takes the lid off and puts it back on and off and on and off and on. He throws it down the stairs and then fetches it. And he repeats that a dozen times.
So, I think we are saving tons of money on toys for him.

My 4 year old little miss on the other hand, has a room full of toys, but claims that she has nothing to play with. She then lists off tons of toys and movies to me each day that she wants me to go and buy for her. I always tell her no, because I will not allow my kids to be spoiled.
Maybe I should hand her an empty milk jug and tell her to go have fun!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Party Post

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Okay, I really needed to get this done before the party ended. I think I may be fashionably late. What else is new?
Welcome to my little place on the web.
My name is Erica and I am a Christian mommy of soon to be 3 kiddos. I will be 38 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and I am sooooo ready to meet our new baby boy.
And unlike my other two, this one will be born at home, with a midwife, and in the water. I didn't have the best hospital experiences with my first two, and I think that this time around, it will be amazing. So I am ready. And I keep telling the baby that, but I think he wants to stay put for now, although, I have been having weird contractions the past week and a half or so, so it's all really confusing.
Anyway, I have a four year old daughter who is referred to on my blog as the miss, and a 20 month old boy referred to as the mister. I have no idea what the baby's nickname will be yet. Any suggestions?
Let's see, I started taking web design classes last year, but in the fall, I put them on hold due to the pregnancy and being so very, very tired. Plus I work nights after staying home with my 2 kids all day long, which is already enough to wear someone out.
I love web design though, and although I still consider myself a newbie, I have learned quite a bit, and started making blog designs for blogger. It's a lot of fun. I really enjoy being creative and putting a smile on the face of my customer. I know it is so much more fun to blog, when your blog actually reflects who you are, in its design. And that's why I like designing for other bloggers.
In my free time time when I procrastinate on all of the things I need to be doing, I enjoy making quilts for my kiddos or watching junk on television. My favorite shows are Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Friday Night Lights and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Oh, and I can't forget American Idol.
Did I mention that I also love to sing?
I have been posting about Idol on my myspace blog, since the top 24. I like to give my opinions on the contestants. But maybe I'll start posting the idol posts on here too, so any fans of the show out there, can comment. It would be fun to chat about it with you all.
Well, I wish I had some fun stuff to giveaway or other interesting things to chit chat about, but really, my brain has been mush lately. I blame it on the pregnancy. But what do I blame it on once I am no longer pregnant?
I hope you have fun wandering around my blog.
Please leave a comment so that I can go visit your little shindig.

Oh, I almost forgot which prizes I would like to win. We are supposed to share that, so here goes.
Here are the Ultimate Blog Party Goodies that I'd love to win.

15 — $50 gift certificate to Kids Magical Wonder
Provided by: Kids Magical Wonder
Prize details: Get ready to shop at their trendy baby and children's boutique! Kids Magical Wonder is donating a $50 gift card to their online store.

34 — Custom Tutu
Provided by: Live~Love~Dance Boutique
Prize details: The winner can design their own children's tutu size newborn to size 6.

78 — 50 Custom Photo Cards for Any Occasion
Provided by: Polka Dot Bumblebee -
Custom Photo Cards & Personalized Stationery
Prize details: Choose from any of our 500+ designs or we will work to create a custom photo announcement for any style and occasion. Custom birth announcements, photo birthday party invitations, photo holiday cards and much more! Bee original…never cookie cutter! (Retail Value $50)

137 — Go BPA Free Sippy Sampler Kit
Provided by: The Soft Landing
Prize details: Finding safer alternatives in baby feeding gear can be tough. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! The Soft Landing is offering an exclusive Sippy Sampler Kit - a unique grouping of the best non-toxic sippy cups on the market today. Your choice of boy or girl colors. Value: $43

103 — 7 Pink Brick Box Play Sets
Provided by: LEGO
Prize details: LEGO will give away 7 Pink Brick Box play sets, in honor of the 7 day long Ultimate Blog Party! LEGO® Creative Building sets offer open-ended creativity and endless play possibilities for children of all ages. With the new Pink Brick Box moms and their daughters (and sons!) can build together with classic iconic LEGO bricks in a new color splash! Little builders can practice being creative with this new tub featuring a multi-colored assortment of bricks, perfect for building a cute ice cream parlor, animals, flowers, people, cars and more. Set includes building instructions for 3 models and photo inspiration for 15 more. New storage case allows for quick and fun clean-up. Ages 4+.

Thanks again for visiting!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some Pictures

Here is the mister this afternoon, sleeping for the first time in his big boy bed.
I only had to put him back into it 2 times, before he conked out. He doesn't like the pillow, so that will take some getting used to for him. He insisted on sleeping on his quilt instead.

Here is the miss, last week, before she gave herself a hair cut.

And here she is now, after she had some fun with the scissors.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Midnight, not a sound from the pavement

The hubby was reminiscing through his memory box yesterday, and found this picture.

So, I thought I'd share. I think I was 3, maybe 4, in this picture.
And I am not quite sure why it was in with his memories, hmmmmmm.