Thursday, May 18, 2006

More on the Mt. Soledad Cross

So, I have been encouraged to read up more on the ACLU's desire to remove the Mt. Soledad Cross in California. I wrote a tiny bit about it a few posts ago. Anyway, I found this question and answer regarding the cross on the ACLJ website.

Isn't the Mt. Soledad cross not just a religious symbol, but a symbol of sacrifice?
Don from California asks: You keep referring to the Mt. Soledad cross as a religious symbol. I'm a volunteer chaplain, but I'm also a veteran, and the Mt. Soledad cross is more than a religious symbol to me, it's a symbol of sacrifice. As a soldier, one freely lays down his life for others. And we need to stand up as Christians and as veterans all across this country and get bold and start fighting for truth.

Jay answers: I couldn't agree with you more. I had several media appearances last week, and I made the statement repeatedly that the cross is the ultimate symbol of sacrifice. Everyone in the world understands this symbol. If you go to Normandy, you'll see that the beach has thousands and thousands of white crosses. Everybody knows what those crosses represent. We know that France is not trying to establish a national religion. This is acknowledging the sacrifice given of men and women, and the cross is a universal symbol in that regard. The idea that one group -- or one guy --can get the Mt. Soledad cross taken down for the rest of the country should have everybody really concerned.

The way to fight back on this is to beat them in the courtroom, in the legislatures, and in the court of public opinion, and that's why we're doing all three here at the American Center for Law & Justice. But we need your support on this. It's critically important. Add your name to the more than 20,000 who have signed our petition so far.


I would like to add that of course the cross is a symbol of sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed his life for us as he died on a cross for our sins.


Nellie Bellie said...

Actually the petition is up to over 90,000 now, let's keep going!