Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Introducing the clutz

Well, I went to the nearby community college today to do my proctored final exam, since the school I attend is based out of Virginia. Anyway, it started raining pretty hard as I was walking around the campus in my flip flops at my New York pace, so as you can imagine, all those factors equals a fall. I tripped over a part of the concrete that was raised up a bit and went sliding for a little bit on my knee. Thankfully, I didn't fall on my belly. I think I was around 35 weeks with Audrey when I fell flat on my belly and I remember that was scary I had to be monitored and have ultrasounds done to make sure she was okay and what not. Anyway, this morning, when I fell, I was totally focused on getting to my test on time. I couldn't miss it. I felt okay. I had ripped my pants and my knee was stinging, but nothing too bad. So, I got to the testing center and there was a line, so I took a seat. I then looked at my knee and noticed that it was bleeding pretty badly. So, when it was my turn to be helped, I asked if they had a band-aid, not that it would have helped much since my entire knee was scraped and bleeding, and explained what had happened. The gal immediately asked how far along I was in my pregnancy and had me follow her to the campus security office. When I got there, the gal at the office wanted to make a report of it since I am pregnant and had a fall on their campus. She then had to call the paramedics for the same reason. So, the paramedics from a local fire department came and put a huge bandage on my knee and that was that. It's funny, they didn't even clean it first. Oh well. So then I went and took my final. I felt good about it, going into it and was hoping for an A, but once again, I got a B. I know it's still good, but I really wanted to ace it. Oh well. I'll probably end up with a B in the class, I am not sure. But, for going to school with everything else on my plate, a B is pretty darn good. Yep! So, anyway, I am fine by the way, the knee hurts just a bit though. the baby seems to be fine and no part of my belly hit the ground.