Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jekyll and Hyde

I admit it, this morning I have been Jekyll and Hyde. Can I blame my fits and mood swings on pregnancy? I call it lack of sleep. When I went to go to bed last night, the miss was in her room moaning, groaning and sometimes crying in her sleep. She slept in her port-a-crib in her room last night. Anyway, I was worried that she may be getting sick, so I slept in her toddler bed so that I could keep an ear on her. Now it's a tiny bed, so I couldn't stretch my legs or anything and I soon ended up with awful cramping in my legs. I couldn't move onto the floor because her room looks like a tornado went through it and there wasn't any room. She never got sick thank goodness, but she did toss and turn a lot and it kept me up. At 5:00 A.M. I decided to move to the couch downstairs so that I could stretch out and hopefully get at least a couple of hours of good sleep. But DH was on the couch. So, now I had nowhere to go. DH's germs were all over our bed that he rested on all afternoon. And then I felt horrible because the poor guy is sick and feeling like crap and all I could think about at that second was how furious I was that he had slept in every place in the house that I could possibly sleep besides the miss' toddler bed. Being pregnant, I am really trying to avoid getting sick again. Anyway, back to her room I went. But this time my presence woke her up. She went back to sleep for a tiny bit, but by
6:00 A.M., she was awake and there was no chance in her laying back down. So, I am exhausted. This month has been hard, it really has. I just hope that everyone is healthy and doing well next weekend for our retreat, because I really do need a couple of days where I can sleep in and just relax, ya know. Anyway, this morning, I was a big grouch, because I was still half asleep and I was a very grumpy mommy. I know I wasn't nice to be around and I am sure that my stomping up and down the stairs didn't help in DH getting rest. I have no clue if he got any sleep last night either. After my half hour or so of Erica grumpiness and fits, I decided that I need to be loving and stop being selfish and keep it down so my sick hubby can rest. Hopefully, the miss can stay out of mischief for a few minutes so that I can shower and then I think I'll take her somewhere....maybe Mcdonald's or something so she can play and make noise and DH can rest. Maybe it will do me some good to get out of the house too.
Anyway, I feel bad for acting like such a brat this morning. I tell ya, lack of sleep can turn me into a scary person. Watch out! Well, from here on out, I am going to control my moods and be a loving, gentle and quiet person....well at least for the rest of the day. :o) (Teasing)


txsoapmom43 said...

I know how you feel although I wish that I could blame it on being pregnant. Emily for the past two mornings has gotten up at 6:30. And I feel bad because I sometimes get grumpy too. And then kids really know how to make you feel bad. Tim and I were having a few words this afternoon and she said that she was going to draw me a picture to make me happy.