Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Hubby

27 years ago, a GREAT event occurred, My hubby was born. As he grew in age, God worked in his heart and helped him to grow into the man he is today. He also brought our hearts together. I am so thankful for my hubby, he is a gift from God.
Happy birthday DH!

I wanted to do something special since DH was in Korea last year for his birthday, so the house has been decorated with tons of balloons and birthday streamers. It is all very festive. The only bad thing is, the poor guy is sick. He is sick on his special day. He has the bug again. He had a touch of it last weekend, but today he has the full blown thing. Mine was broken up into two days. He has both parts of the bug full blown today. I feel awful for him. I woke up to him at around 5:30 moaning and groaning. We will have to take a rain check on XMEN and see it Sunday, perhaps. We will have to have his cake then also.

I sure do hope that he is feeling better soon. At 5:30, after I realized he was sick. I went disinfectant happy. Apparently the little bugger is still in the house. I grabbed my disinfectant spray and went to town. I sprayed anything and everything that had ever been touched by our hands. So, pretty much the whole house. I sprayed like crazy in both bathrooms and then I just sprayed it in the air in each room. I then opened all of the windows. I want this bug out of here, darn it. It has worn out its welcome.

This morning, at 9:00, the miss has an appointment at Peterson AFB. They called me yesterday and said that for Tricare to work properly for her hospital stay and appointment she had with the neurosurgeon, her doctor has to see her also. It was funny, because the gal who called me kept telling me over and over again how this appointment is just a follow up, they just want to see her. Yada Yada. It almost made me suspicious. I almost wanted to ask, do you need to check to make sure she isn't abused? And who knows, that may be the reason behind the appointment, or I may have read into the lady completely wrong. I think it's a good thing, because I am sure they can help find kids who are. But, my baby girl is very loved. So, anyway, that's about it for our morning.

I'll write more later.


txsoapmom43 said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I'm sorry he's feeling so bad on his special day. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon.

praynlady said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I just joined the Blogging chicks and saw your site! I love your layout, did you create it? Hope he is better soon, so that you can have your date. Come by and drop a note, time permitting.

Sandra said...

Argh, Tricare has GOT to be the most annoying thing to deal with. I get frustrated just trying to make an appointment, nevermind a referral. LOL

Happy Birthday to your hubby :) Hope he feels better soon :)

Butterfly Kisses said...

I went to a site called and they have some blogger templates. I found one that I liked, but then I changed it all around. The gal set up the three columns and had different colors and pictures and widths and everything. So, I basically took out everything except the three columns and then just did my own stuff from there. I am starting to get the hang of the css stuff, but it still challenges me, that's for sure. So, I take credit for some of the design, but the initial design of it, as far as having the three separate sections, and all of the script, I didn't do.