Monday, June 12, 2006

Potty Update

Well, today hasn't been very successful. I take blame for it because I haven't been putting her on the potty every half hour like I should. Time has flown by this morning, I tell you. We have had to change her outfit twice already this morning. She had 2 accidents. One of them was right after she sat on the potty. It was funny, she was on the potty and then immediately took all of the water toys out of the little basin she plays with them in. She began insisting that there was a shark in the basin of water. The duck she had to play with was scared of the shark. She has a little Sponge Bob toy she got in a happy meal as one of her water toys. I told her that Sponge Bob could go in and beat up the shark. But she said no, no Sponge Bob beat up shark. She then wanted to get down, because she was all done since she couldn't play with her toys in the shark infested waters. I tried to get her to have a conversation with me about the shark, but that only lasted so long. So off the potty she went and in her pants she went a few minutes later. LOL. I'm going to have to run to the dollar store and get a few more "new" water toys for her to keep her excited about the potty, because the newness has started to wear off I think. But I am hopeful that if she does well the next week and a half, that she may be fully trained or at least pretty close. So, fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Well I have to tell you thats a new one has to get off the potty the water in the pan has sharks in it oh my she is nothing else if not inventive in ways to get down off there ha, they have these on again off again days but it is a real job to keep them sitting every little while until it completely snaps in. The Mom has to do as much work as if she were being trained in fact they say alot of the mommies are the ones trained to know when they need to goha, anyway she ia a character hang in there dont give up let her wear the wet ones just a little while see what she says?GHave a good rest of day love GG