Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big Ol' thanks

So, I had a neighbor growing up who was a tad older than me, named Nicole. We also had a friend who lived a little ways down the street from us, named Andrea. Although Nicole and Andrea were best friends, I would hang out every so often. Yet, since I was younger and so hyper at that time, I am sure I may have annoyed them on more than one occasion. I moved away from Connecticut when I was nine. The only other time I saw them was when we visited when I was 11. So, it's been gosh, 15 years or so. Thanks to the powers of Myspace, I got back in touch with Andrea and Nicole and we have all kinda gotten caught up here and there with each other's lives.

Today, I got such a surprise. Such an awesome surprise. Andrea, if you are reading this, you'll hear a big thanks in here. I will also be emailing you as well. It's funny, because I am a gift giver. I pay close attention to things others like and I strive to get them awesome gifts. It's just a weird thing about me. Today, I realized another like me exists in this world. I received a package today from Andrea. There was an awesome scrapbook inside for me to make for Isaiah. She even got all the pages in there with the borders and stickers that I can use. All I need to do is insert the pictures and decorate it. Then, she got Audrey a book, The Giving Tree. I have been wanting to get that book. My 2nd grade teacher used to talk about it all of the time and I loved it at that age, so I am glad to have it. Already, I was so amazed with her thoughtfulness in these presents.

But then, I saw the gift for little ol' me. I must tell you, this girl pays attention. I must have done some survey at some point on Myspace where I talked about the restaurant in New York called Serendipity 3. I have always loved the word Serendipity and then loved it even more when the movie came out with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. In that movie they go to a restaurant in New York called Serendipity 3 and they have themselves some frozen hot chocolate. I have always vowed to go there and have one someday. So, do you know what was in my package from her? A Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot chocolate mix. I just need to add milk, ice, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. She had had the package from when she bought it at the actual restaurant. I had to look at it a couple of times, because I was just so in shock that I was holding actual mix from Serendipity 3 in my hands. Now, our blender has been broken for awhile. But, guess what I will be purchasing soon. yep, a new one. So, I just had to come on here and share my excitement over the wonderful surprise package I received today. Thank you, Andrea!!! Your thoughtfulness means so much to me!

By the way, if you haven't seen the movie, Serendipity, you should. It's cute!

Also real quick...I took this from my praise journal entry today:
" I have been blessed with such wonderful family, extended family and friends. They are always there when times are tough or to just let me yap to when I feel like it. They also seem to love to shower me and my family with gifts at special times in our lives. It just shows how caring and wonderful they are. Since it's baby time, my friends and family have given of themselves in providing me with a wonderful shower and wonderful presents for the soon to be new arrival. I am so blessed to have so many who care about me and my family. I am so truly appreciative for all the special packages I have received lately and the gifts that were given to me at the baby shower as well as the time spent by some to put together the shower. I really do think that every single one of you are so thoughtful and amazing. And I thank God for blessing me with all of you in my life."