Thursday, June 1, 2006

Thankful Thursday

So, don't worry I haven't given up on Thursday Thirteen. I will do both Thankful Thursday and Thursday Thirteen. I'll switch off or do whichever one strikes my fancy each week.

Thankful Thursday: What ERICA is thankful for this week

1. On Monday, I did My Life Monday, you can see the post a few posts down. We were to write an in memory of post. Well, I read a bunch of other posts and there was one in particular that just struck a chord in my heart. You can read it By Clicking Here You will have to scroll down a few posts to find her Memorial day post. Anyway, the things she wrote at the end of her post are so very true and although we know those things, it can sometimes be so easy to get stuck in the day to day routines and busy with things we need to accomplish for the day, that we lose sight of what is most important. So, even though the story is so sad, I was so touched by reading her post and so THANKFUL for the little reminder it gave me.

2. As you may know, our family had been battling quite a bug, flu...whatever you would like to call it. The only one who didn't get sick, is the little miss. I am so THANKFUL for that because it is so very hard to see your little one sick and to know that you can't really ease their pain much. So, I am very very glad that she has stayed healthy.

3. I am THANKFUL to have married a man who is such a great daddy. Our family shares so much laughter in the evenings when my hubby and daughter play. They wrestle around and tickle. And the miss will just do the cutest things during this playtime and it always leaves us smiling and laughing. She is so very blessed and lucky to have such a loving, playful and wonderful daddy.

4. I am THANKFUL for the weather. I know I keep writing about how beautiful the weather has been, but seriously, it's been so gorgeous out. There has been just the right amount of sunshine and light breezes. And when you walk outside, you are welcomed with this light, crisp scent. It's wonderful.

5. I am THANKFUL for the ways I have been hearing God speak to me this week. Especially in the areas of love and patience. When I knew that I was starting to get cranky or maybe a little not so gentle with my words or actions, I felt God's loving correction and it helped get me out of my funk. So, I am THANKFUL for those moments where peace would start to wash over me and flood out the not so nice attitude I was starting to cave into.

6. I am THANKFUL that DH is in training classes right now. He has been getting home at noon each day from the classes. That means tomorrow, he can drop the miss off at Kate's parent's house for them to watch her this weekend....and still get back here in time for us to head out the second Roinn's mommy picks him up. So, hopefully we can make it to the resort on time for the first seminar that begins at 7:30 P.M. Roinn gets picked up about 5:15 and the resort is 2 hours away. So, hopefully we can make it. If not, we'll just walk in late. Yep.

7. I am thankful for each and every hug, smile and kiss I get each and everyday from my little girl. And I am thankful that Isaiah seems to be healthy and developing well. I truly am blessed.

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