Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, we just got back from seeing Cars. It was pretty cute. But I think it was more enjoyable for the adults than for the kids. They just made sure to make us laugh, that's all. The miss was pretty good for most of it. It started at 1:50, but I had us there at 1:00. Thankfully the theatre was open, so we didn't have to wait in line. When we got home, I figured her pull up would be pretty soaked, since she drank so much during the movie. But it wasn't too wet at all. So, I had her sit on the potty when we got home and she went right away. I am so excited that she is getting potty trained. YAY!
I have some pictures for you. Grandma wanted to see her in the cute outfit she sent us. So, here are some pics of us. The last few are taken right outside the theatre. They have a huge fountain that is turned on in the summer time and the kids run through it. She wanted to play in the water so badly. I was scared that she would slip and fall on her head. Her whole skull fracture fiasco is going to leave me quite gun shy for a few years I reckon. But she was just fine, and she got very wet, so she had a ball.

Here she is waiting for the movie to start. She is sitting in her booster and eating her Kid's Movie Pack. I got Steve mid-bite. Oops!
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There's the little speck of the miss getting pretty darn wet by the fountain.
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And here she is running around.
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