Monday, June 26, 2006


Okay, seriously, if I wasn't about to have a baby any day now, I would seriously, prayerfully consider this. Please, if you have a heart to adopt a child and if you have the ability right now, I urge you to read This Blog Post about Little James
He is a little baby boy in China who has Down Syndrome. China decided to place him up for adoption. It is the first time they have put a DS baby up for adoption. He has until July 1st to be adopted. If he isn't, he will be institutionalized and no other children with DS will ever be placed up for adoption again. How sad that something he can't control will prevent him a loving home...loving parents..and instead give him a life in an institution. My first thought when reading about James, was, I wouldn't have the money to adopt him. If that is your first thought, as well, please note...a donor is paying for all of the costs. It would not cost you a dime to adopt him. Please, PLEASE visit the blog above and if something in you clicks, then pray. Is God calling you to help change this little life?????


Borbe Bunch said...

Hi Erica,
This blog entry has hit my heart. We have three children and are expecting another blessing in November. I will start to pray and spread the word to those I know in regards to baby James! What a precious miracle he is!!! Our son, who is 17 months, has a severe handicap, due to a brain injury, so those with special needs are very near and dear to our hearts! I will start to pray for God to move the heart of someone out there!!!

Crystal Breeze said...

I think that is so awesome that someone is willing to pay for all the finances involved in the adoption process. I will keep little James on my heart. My first childs name is James. It is a strong, and good name.

color_blind_mom said...

I just spoke with the adoption agency handling James' referral and they said that the part about China not offering any more Down Syndrome babies is UNTRUE. I suspected it might be and that's why I called. They also said that China has granted them (the agency) an extension on his placement since quite a few families have shown an interest. :) Yay! However they are still taking applicants because there has not been a commitment made to adopt him by anyone yet. Also his adoption is NOT fully paid for, but will be helped by financial donors.