Friday, June 2, 2006

Music Recommendation

I came across a Christian band I wanted to tell you all about, Starfield. They just released their sophomore album, Beauty In The Broken, a couple of weeks ago. You can listen to 4 of their songs by going Here. Only two of them are from the new album however. Anyway, I have yet to hear this album in its entirety, but from what I have listened to, I think I like it. Click on the banner at the top of this post to be directed to their official site where you can listen to snippets of their new album.

Click on this banner to download their song, Obsession.

Taken from a review of their album...
"With songs that grapple with touchstone issues like alienation, identity and the quest for fulfillment, Starfield begins to speak for a generation that is dying for love, crying for truth. Beauty in the Broken points Starfields listeners to God during their most public times and their most private ones, offering songs for the service as well as songs for the self.

We all ache for God, but if we don't know God we use created things as substitutes for God.... material things, knowledge, relationships, sex - all of these things are good and if were looking we can see God in them. But if we don't know how to piece them together we will inevitably try to take these broken pieces and substitute them for the Creator. And the created will never fulfill us."


Frances D said...

I'm passing this along to my daughter.