Wednesday, June 28, 2006

She is just too cute, I tell ya.

The miss loves to sing and dance and she has been doing so much more of it these past couple of weeks. I can't wait until she is three, because I would love to get her into dance classes. She is such a mini-me. I love it! I found an old dance recital video of mine. I think I was eight in it. I put it in the other day and put it on this little 7 year old girl who did a ballet routine all by herself. You should have seen the miss. She would try to do all the moves the little girl was doing and she twirled around and around. When the routine ended she kept asking to watch it again and again. It was so stinking cute. When she starts dancing, she gets this serious face on and concentrates so hard. I love it. She, gosh...she is so addicting.....I could just sit and watch her for hours.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute I wish I could see her doing all this Ihave this picture of her doing it in my mind though, she definetly is going to share your love of music, which is so wonderful she will get so much enjoyment when she can take lessons. I pray that will be possible some day. Gracie just loves to dance she was so cute at her recital. Love and God Bless GG