Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Last Installment about the weekend

Okay folks, this is the last installment about our weekend. So, here goes. We left our house Friday evening around 5:30. The first session was to begin at 7:30, and we were pretty certain we'd miss it. The traffic to get out of our area was INSANE and then once we got through all of that, it was still a long drive. We ended up at the hotel at 8:40 P.M. So, we missed the first session, but that was okay. We were both starving so we had a romantic dinner at Burger King and then headed to our room to rest from the long drive. The drive sure was pretty though. So very green. Up north, is totally my cup of tea as far as the scenery I would love to live with everyday of my life. Of course the area is surrounded by mountains....and so much green. Oh my goodness so much green. And then there were little creeks and lakes that looked gorgeous with the woodsy backdrop. I haven't fished since I was five, heck I don't even know if you can fish in those waters...if there are even fish..but if there were, I would get in a boat and sit there surrounded by that beauty and fish. I tell you what!

Anyway, Saturday morning, we met at the conference room areas for breakfast at 8:00 A.M. Our breakfast and lunch had been included in the cost of the retreat. So that was nice. The breakfast was yummy. There were sooooo many couples at the retreat. And for the most part nobody really knew each other. So, we'd sit down at a table and start talking to people we had never met. Some were close to our age, but most of the couples we talked to were probably 15 years older than us....maybe even more, but that's okay. Sadly, we probably won't see any of these couples again. Our church is huge and there are four services. Out of the couples we talked to, none of them attend the service time that we do. So, shrugs, oh well. We were kinda hoping we'd make some friends to hang out with or something. But that didn't happen. Anyway, we had two sessions after breakfast and then it was time for lunch. The lunch was so very delicious. It was Pregnant Erica's dream. We had salad, chicken, pasta and then a huge piece of chocolate cake with strawberries. Yum. Then, after lunch was one more session, and then the rest of the day was ours. We went back to the room and relaxed for a few and then it was off to walk around. You saw the pictures. Then we went back to our room and took a nap. We still had car lag, I think. At around 6:00 P.M., we headed out to a little place called Edwards to find somewhere to eat and go to the movies to see XMen. The little Edwards area had little shops and then above the shops were businesses. We ran in there to find a bathroom. I noticed on the second floor where the restrooms were, that there was a Security Title. I thought to myself, wow! Their Escrow Officers must make out like bandits considering that most of the houses in the area are millions of dollars. I can't even imagine what the commission they make is. Right across from the Title Company was what appeared to be a software company and down below those two offices, was an architecture firm. So, I decided that we will move there. I will work at Security Title. DH will work at the software company. Kate will work at the architecture firm and also take wedding pictures at all of the resorts in Beaver Creek. And between us we will share a house in that gorgeous area. So, folks, that's the plan...in a perfect everything goes Erica's way world.

Anyway, dinner was pretty good and I really enjoyed the movie. I hadn't heard good things about it, but I really enjoyed it. And we stayed past the credits at the advice of someone in the theater and saw some secret little scene. You can let me know if you'd like to know about it.
Sunday we headed home where we spent 5 hours in our car. And that was that.

So, some of you family folk have asked how the miss' weekend was while we were gone. She had an absolute blast. Kate's mom met DH at a shopping center halfway between the two of us to do the exchange. The miss was so excited, she didn't even really say goodbye or cry about being away from her daddy. She had a great night and didn't want to go to bed. She ended up staying up until 11:00 P.M. playing with Kate's family. They finally put their foot down and told her she had to go to sleep. She cried for a few minutes, but then conked out. She was up at 6:30 A.M. Saturday morning. My little early riser, gotta love it. They spent Saturday at the zoo. She had a great time seeing the monkeys, but she was also very tired and a little cranky. When they got back to the house, they told her she had to take a nap. They put her down and she was not happy. She looked at Ginge and said, "No. nap. I'm mad!" Ginge said that she had to leave the room so that she could laugh at how cute it was without the miss seeing. Anyway, she had so much fun playing at their house and with their dog , Daisy. She and Daisy are so cute together. Ginge was painting her toenails and Audrey saw and asked for her toes to be painted as well. So she sat still while Ginge painted her toes a pretty pink and then showed her how to hold her foot up by her mouth to blow on them. Now, the miss calls any motherly figure she is with, like Tiffany, Durin's mom for instance, Mommy or Mama. She calls any older man she is with, Papa. Please, Papa and G.G. don't be saddened by it. It doesn't bother me that she calls other people mommy because in a way she is right, they are a mommy. And she doesn't understand. So, anyway, after her toes were painted, she ran to Kate's dad and said, "Look, Papa, my pretty toes." She was so excited to have her toes painted. Sunday afternoon, Kate's dad, Bob was watching a WWE dvd. She got out her pillow and rested on the couch next to him watching wrestling. She is a big wrestling fan. When Ginge told her it was nap time, she said, "no nap. Watch this with Papa." So, they let her stay up a bit to watch it. She finally went down for a nap and was napping when we got to their house to pick her up. Ginge was very impressed that Audrey knows all of her colors and shapes and is talking so well. That's my smart cookie for you. She said their favorite part was when Audrey sat down at the play vanity that they have in the baby room for Kellee's little girl. I had packed her purse filled with all of her makeup. She sat down at the vanity and put on her pretend powder, blush and lipstick. She then brushed her hair. Ginge and Bob were watching her. She then looked up at the both of them and said, "I'm pretty." And she gave them a cute little smile. Ginge said that they melted. When she woke from her nap, and saw us there, she didn't really say much, she just started tickling and playing with her daddy. We all hung out there for about 15 minutes and then we headed home. All in all, she had a GREAT time!

Well, I have written a novel and I need to get ready for my day care kiddo to get here. Until next time....


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Thats quite a story dont know about that ericas perfect World though Ha Love GG