Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Can I tell you, I am impatient. I really am. Anyone who knows me really well, knows this. Here I am at only 37 weeks and I am secretly wishing to go into labor NOW! But, honestly I wouldn't really want to just yet. My best friend will be out here next week and I definitely want her here for the birth. So, Okay after she gets here, then I really REALLY will want the baby NOW! LOL. My hubby thinks that he will come on July 7th. That is 3 days after my due date. And yes, I think that that is a nice birth date. I love the number 7. But, did I mention it is AFTER my due date. I told my hubby that at night, while he is asleep, I am going to start elbowing him and kneeing him in the belly. Then, I will push on his bladder really hard. And I'll do it every night for at least 3 hours. I then said we'll see if he still thinks July 7th is a good birthday. Because see, I think June 21st is a good day. Hey, even June 27th works. :o) LOL!
No, really it isn't that bad and I love feeling the baby move and all of that. I just feel like I have been pregnant forever. But it doesn't help that I found out right away that I was I was only 3-4 weeks when I found out. So,'s felt like forever.
My only complaint is that he is laying on my cervix. And at night he likes to push down on it and it stings. Boy does it sting. So, if he didn't do that, life would be grand. LOL Well, I will post more later. I just wanted to share with you about my impatience.


beth said...

That is totally not impatience; we all feel that way at 37 weeks! I convinced myself Sam would be early, like around where you are now. You know, imagining contractions and stuff, which made it so much harder when, and I hesitate to tell you this, but he was 4 days late. Just hang in there. You are so close! And you never know, maybe it will be sooner than you think.

And thanks for visiting my blog.

Christina said...

Hi from a new T13er,

Beautiful blog and very sweet memories of you and your dad. I wish you the best with your baby!