Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 7 - They're My Best Friends

Today I am supposed to talk about my best friend. I am struggling with this post as well, because I find it difficult to just choose one. (So I think I am going to pick 3) :D There are several more that I love just as dearly, but if I wrote about everybody, this post would never end.

I feel as we grow up, we tend to make our best friend the person that has been around the longest....perhaps the one that we spent our tween, teen and even early twenties with....the one that was there for our first loves, first heartbreaks and those big mistakes we make early on in our lives.

But sometimes, due to time, distance and life changes, the person that knew us well then, isn't necessarily the friend who knows us now. Big bummer, I know.

In the past 5 years or so, I have gone through HUGE life changes. Through it all, there have been 3 lovely ladies who have been by my side with understanding, patience and an exuberant amount of love. These are the gals that I run to first, that I know I can rely on, that know my good side and bad side and love me anyway, that I truly would do anything for. They are my lifelong friends.

First there is Andrea. I like to think of her as my soulmate. We were friends a very long time ago when I lived in Connecticut. Back at that time, we were only friends for a few years (age 6 - 9). I then moved away, and we lost touch. Thanks to good ol' myspace, we found each other online in early 2006, and instantly clicked (no pun intended).

If I were to pick the one person in this world whom I am the most like, it would be Andrea.

She is an amazing person and I am so thankful to have her in my life. Andrea and I both work from home, so we spend most of the day chatting online.

Just like any best friend, we share with each other our secrets, downfalls and happy moments. She keeps me in line and is always there with a listening heart. I can't imagine my life without her in it.

Then there is Tiffany. She is my "iron sharpens iron" friend. As a strong Christian, she encourages me with a loving heart. She is my prayer buddy. We can call each other up in the middle of the day and say, "please pray for me." The best part is, we usually don't have to go into specifics, the other person just seems to know the perfect prayer to use at that time.

It's funny, I recall many times in which I have told Tiffany about a recent improvement in my life and she will tell me how glad she is to hear it, because over the past few weeks, God had put it on her heart to pray for that specific thing. It's like our spirits are connected. I love it!

Sara, Tiffany, Erica - Girl's night out 2009
Finally there is Sara. She is the sass to my frass. She is the one I can be the most blunt with. We make each other laugh daily and just "get" each other.

It stinks though, because just when we were starting to get really close, the Air Force went and shipped her off to Germany. LAME! But thanks to Facebook and iChat, we are still able to annoy each other daily.

Sara, I have no idea why the font in your section of this post is all wonky. Maybe it is because my blog knows that YOU are wonky!

I love you ladies...thank you for being my friends. :D

"A lifelong friend is one who enters your life at a time when they are needed most. Though you may not understand it, between you and a lifelong friend, there will be an instant bonding and a realization that this person was brought to you not nly to fill an emptiness or assist you in time of need, but to form an eternal friendship.

A lifelong friend is a friend who knows you like no other, who is so much a part of you that distance does  not cause separation. They will hurt when you hurt and feel joy when you are joyous. They know your imperfections and they accept them as a part of you.

When all the others have come and gone, this friend will be with you; even if your world falls apart, they will be there to build it back up better and stronger than before. This is the essence of lifelong friendship." - Lisa VanEllen


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Pretty sure you're stuck with me for life. Or until I know for certain your Google talk history is completely erased for good...


thefaeryinn said...

I can't think of anything to say that isn't completely cheesy. Then again, I am cheesy, so I guess it works.

I'm so glad we met, Erica. Love you.

Andrea said...

Love you too friend! I think our matching chicken pox scars are what bonded us for life :D

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