Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 12 - What's Inside My Purse

I am happy today to have an easy post to write up. It isn't too hard to empty out my purse and take a quick picture. So, here goes:

So there is my lovely purple purse with bright pink nail polish splattered around its silver buckle. Yeah, I dropped a bottle of polish at the salon, while sitting down in the massaging chair for a pedicure. I felt horrible.

So the contents of my purse, pretty boring I think. We have the pouch that I sewed for myself a couple of years ago. It holds all of my cards and receipts. It usually gets way too filled up with receipts, and I end up at the store with the cashier and all of the people in line behind me, waiting for me, as I dig through my little pouch thing desperately hoping to find my credit/debit card. I really should invest in an actual wallet.

There is also my pretty phone and iPod. I try to never leave the house without either of those two things. The radio stations out here in the springs I NEED my good music.

We've got a diaper and wipes (always in my purse). And we have one white sock. I have absolutely no idea why there is a white sock in my purse...sad thing is...I put it back into my purse when I put everything away. LOL. So if you are ever out and about with me and you need a child's white sock, I'm your girl.

I have a box of band-aids that Isaiah did not let me leave the house today without. He burned his finger early today, and as long as I put a new band-aid on it every hour or so, he seems to be okay. :D

We have quite a collection of trash - wrappers, receipts and so forth. The pile did not join the white sock. I threw the trash away after the picture was taken.

We have an epi-pen jr. ALWAYS IN MY PURSE and a black sharpie, which I actually need to remove from my purse, because Christian digs through it constantly...and a black sharpie in his hands, would be BAD!

Finally, we have a bottle of water and a small collection of cards and flashdrives from Blogher...that I hadn't yet put with my larger collection of cards and flashdrives from Blogher. There is also a New York Fire Department pin and a hair pin.

So there you go. THAT my friends is what was in my purse.


thefaeryinn said...

I liked doing this one too. We both seem to have a very practical bent to our purse contents. Our purses, however, are very much different on the outside, eh? My shiny, purple friend. :-)

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

As someone who ALSO has socks in her purse, it's technically a practical thing to have. Though, you should probably add it's mate. Unless you're going to use it to dust something...