Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 22 - What Really Gets My Goat

What upsets me? That really depends on the day. If I am realllllly tired, which seems to be often, lately, then I seem to get irritated by little things. I usually won't voice my annoyance, but I will definitely make a face. I definitely have a very distinct "annoyed" face.

I feel it does take a lot to get me upset. I think feeling misunderstood can upset me, but it is more of a hurt, than an anger.

Selfish, egotistical and close-minded people upset me.

Most of the time, it is complete strangers who succeed at upsetting me, and other than a split second glare their way, I don't approach them about it.

Although, last week, I was driving down my neighborhood and two kids chucked rocks at my blazer. So I did a u-turn.....drove up to them and in my sternest voice, I said..."You really shouldn't throw rocks at cars. Vehicles cost a lot of money and you can do a lot of damage by throwing a rock and then your parents would have to pay for it, which means you would be in A LOT of trouble." -  I know, I very intimidating. I'm sure they really cared.

Yes, kids destroying property, upsets me.

You know what else upsets me? Jack In The Box ruined the Ultimate Cheeseburger by adding ketchup to it. It used to ONLY have MAYO! Ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

Ketchup!? The jerk-faces!!! :-)