Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 16 - My First Kiss

So you want to know about my first kiss, do you?

Juicy? Not really.

Awkward? A bit.

Mortifying? Completely.

Oh and to add to the fun of this post, I am including my 7th grade yearbook picture. BE NICE!

7th grade yearbook pic
So my first kiss took place in 6th grade with the first boy I was "going out" with. He was my first "boyfriend" and we dated from the end of 6th grade through the middle of 7th grade. My first kiss wasn't like a kiss kiss, if you catch my drift. But it was close enough.

I am fairly certain that I was the biggest female nerd in 6th grade and I was "going out" with the other biggest nerd in the school. It was quite fun for the bullies I dealt with on a daily basis.

So on this particular day, recess was just finishing up and students were starting to make their way from the field, to line up by classroom.

My boyfriend and I were under a ramada on the playground and had been contemplating kissing. We decided to go for it.

One of his friends, who had been around for most of the indecisive conversation, decided to spread the word to all of the 6th grade.

And as we started to kiss, most of the 6th grade class had started to gather around the ramada. Our kiss was welcomed with laughter and lots of "ewwwwww, gross" comments.

We were embarrassed and just headed to our separate classroom lines, while listening to snickers about how gross it was that we kissed and how we would have nerd babies.

Yes, my first kiss was magical.


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

The fact that Audrey looks so much like you kinda creeps me out a little...

Also? I am so sorry, but I laughed. A little.

Mama Sparrow said...

laugh away...it's funny now. LOL

Debby said...

awww what a cute nerd kiss story!! :)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with nerd babies, I'd like to know!? I laughed a little too, because it's an adorable story. :-)