Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 15 - My Dreams

So this topic is left pretty open. I can share with you my goals and hopes for the future, or I can talk a bit about those crazy dreams I have while sleeping.

I think the latter would be more fun. So let's do that, shall we?

I have very vivid dreams, that I usually remember very well in the morning. I also have MANY deja vu moments, when I swear that I am experiencing something in real life, that I had previously dreamt about. It freaks me out each time.

I remember once in high school, dreaming that I was in some other school's cafeteria and there were balloons on all of the tables. My best friend was with me, and there were tons of other teens around that I knew I had never met before. When I woke up, I had such an image in my head of the cafeteria tables, the white and blue painted walls and the dozens of red of balloons.

A few months later, I attended a speech tournament at a nearby high school. For a portion of it, our school's team had to meet in the cafeteria. My best friend was on the team with me, and was also my duo-acting partner for our selection we performed at the tournament.

Lo and behold....the cafeteria was blue and white and there were red balloons on the tables, exactly how it was in my dream. I remember even telling my best friend that I had dreamt that exact moment. I think she thought that I was weird...or maybe she just figured, "oh it's Erica being Erica."

Sometimes, if there is an unresolved conflict in my life, I dream about it every single night, until it is resolved. I hate these recurring dreams. They eat at me. I remember once an old co-worker of mine stole my car on her lunch break. I am not kidding. I wish that I was.

I barely knew the girl, but she had hated me since my first day of working with her. On that particular day, she went to lunch with her boyfriend. Upon her return, she mentioned something to me about my car. I think she complimented my license plate holder. I found that to be quite odd, since she had never really talked to me before. That evening, when I left work, my car was NOT in the parking lot.

It was found a few days later, completely intact. The only thing taken was a pair of jeans that had been in the back seat. It was suggested to me that my car was most likely stolen by somebody that I knew.

For months, I had recurring dreams in which I confronted my co-worker about stealing my car. It was funny, because I had actually started a new job, and wasn't even working with the gal anymore. I was in the same office building, however.

After about four months of the recurring dreams, I ran into my ex co-worker in the ladies room and confronted her about the car. I really can't remember if she admitted to it or not, but what I do know, is I never dreamt about it again.

These recurring conflict type dreams have occurred NUMEROUS times. I HATE THEM!

I do have crazy dreams too. Just last week, I dreamt that I was hanging out all night long with Britney Spears. We were in some abandoned warehouse singing karaoke tunes and doing tons of somersaults. It was odd.

I also have those crazy dreams every now and then where I am falling. You know the ones....when you wake up from your body jolting? So bizarre.

So I want to know, what is the craziest dream that you have ever had?


Anonymous said...

The craziest dream I ever had was about Jesus' second coming. I remember waking up in a cold sweat because I WASN'T READY. I made my peace with that, then went back to sleep and dreamed that Jesus was at my in-laws (before I married), cooking something in the kitchen. It was bizarre...

That unresolved conflict thing is strange...maybe it's a gift?