Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 6 - My Day

Today, you get to hear all about my day. I must tell you up front, it was a pretty uneventful one. :D

The kiddos woke up around 7:00 A.M. and headed to the kitchen table to color. About 20 minutes later they woke me up because they were ready for breakfast.

As I prepared their cereal, they showered me with colorful pictures. My kiddos love to color.

I was very tired, because I am a night owl who stays up WAY TOO LATE most nights, so after breakfast, I put on a movie for the kids and I rested on the couch. When the movie was over, they played together pretty nicely, so I continued to rest on the couch. I rested all morning....hey it IS the day of rest, right? :)

I think I finally got up and moving, around 11:15. After lunch, naptime and a quick playtime in the backyard, we headed to Goodwill and Wal-Mart for some back to school supplies.

I have decided to do Bento type lunches for Audrey everyday for school. I am really excited about it and already have the first 5 or so planned out. I will of course share photos here.

In case you aren't too familiar with a Bento lunch, here are some examples:
Image taken from the site, another lunch, click on the image to check it out. I am using the "sushi" roll idea next week with a strawberry preserves and cream cheese sandwich.

Image taken from What's for lunch at our house - the main site inspiring my lunches for Audrey. The image will take you to the site, so click on it, because you'll love it!

Bento boxes are popular in Japan, usually created with rice, nori, Japanese eggs and sushi....but I think Audrey would prefer sandwiches, crackers and cheese.

I haven't told Audrey what I plan on doing for her's a surprise.

So first we headed to Goodwill to find some boxes to use for her lunches. I found a few that I think will work. We then headed to Wal-Mart for school supplies. They only had about half of the items on her school supply list, so in the morning we will head to Target. She has to bring her supplies to school tomorrow when she meets her teacher.

Tomorrow I also hope to purchase some fun cookie cutters and silicone baking cups to help with her lunch preparation.

So, that was my day. I am going to end the day enjoying a Pepsi and Milky Way while watching my latest redbox rental, To Save a Life...or perhaps some netflix streaming of Weeds. I am on season 4 and loving it. :D

Be sure to come back tomorrow, I will be talking about my best friend.


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I'm doing bentos at least 3 days a week for Zeph. So excited. I'm even thinking about ordering a couple of egg molds because she LOVES hard boiled eggs, and how FUN would that be?!

thefaeryinn said...

I love bentos...but haven't made up my mind whether or not to do them.