Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 21 - Another Moment

So I broke out the old photo albums tonight to find a picture of a moment to share with you all.

I laughed when I came across the one from my high school graduation. The picture itself isn't funny, it's the fact that it is THE only photo I have from the evening. THE ONLY ONE! I think it was the only one that was taken....seriously.

This was taken in the master bedroom/bathroom. I always got ready in the master bedroom. I remember I was annoyed with my mom when this photo was taken, because I was on the phone, and she kept calling me..."look over here for a picture, Erica, Erica." Honestly, I think she just wanted to capture me in all of my attitudey (my new word) essence. :D

I loved that dress that I wore. It was one of my favorite dresses. I wore it quite often. I had a thing for lavender back then. I really should have thought twice about the shoes though. Those things are hideous and make me look like I have gigantic feet.

I still am not quite sure why my mom was so insistent on picking that moment of my graduation night to capture...I mean I didn't even have my gown on yet.

Oh well. :D There you have it, a moment....17-year-old Erica on graduation night 1997.


thefaeryinn said...


I like it.

And those shoes should be burned. Other than that, it's adorable. :-)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

SO fun!!!!! And yes - check out the shoes! ;)