Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 24 - What Makes Me Feel Better

So when I get is usually from stuff that I have let build up....stuff that I kind of shrug off initially or push down to not deal with at the moment. I am usually busy with so many things...that some stuff, if I don't think I can handle it at that time, it just gets buried.

The only problem is, I usually continue to pile stuff on top of it until I have piled so much, that there is no room left. So there is only one place it can all go...OUT! (And sometimes, it isn't pretty)

So I react in one of three ways I freak out with stress, explosively yell with anger or bawl my eyes out because of all of the hurt.

Honestly, here is what I think would make me feel better when this happens. First, to be able to get it out while someone listens and tries to make sense of my crazy babble..then to sit down and rationally handle what is wrong and talk it out and finally, to end it all with a hug.

I think patience, understanding and a hug is all I need when that happens. I need the freedom to release and then constructively deal with it.

HOWEVER that could be quite hard for the person I am releasing the crap onto, especially if it is that explosive anger release. But I do understand and empathize with that person.

Oh and I also think that ice cream works wonders and makes everything better, except for Rocky Road!!!! :D


thefaeryinn said...

You can always call me, or come over, if you need to. Just FYI. Or yell at Andrea on Skype. ;-) (Yes, I totally just volunteered her...LOL)