Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 9 - Isn't All of High School an Embarrassing Moment?

Today is all about my most embarrassing moment from high school. The problem is, there isn't one moment that really stands out to me. I am sure that I had tons. I was teased quite a bit and have always been very clumsy, so I am sure I did many dorky things.

I do still remember my very first day of high school. That was rough. I was tiny. I think I was like 4'9" and maybe weighed 90 pounds. I definitely did NOT look like a high schooler. And on the first day of school, I was told repeatedly throughout the day, by at least a dozen high school guys, that the Jr. High was actually down the street a ways.

Yep...a great way to start high school.


thefaeryinn said...

That is a sucky way to start high school. I was all of 100lbs and 5 foot nothing. So, I remember those kinds of comments too...