Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 26 - My Fears

When I was 11, I went through a phase where I was terrified of alien abductions. I blame my dad. He watched shows in the evenings all about UFOs and supposed abduction survivors. I didn't sleep well for months. I just knew that a beam of light would shine through my window, lift me out of my bed and take me up to a ship in space.

When I was a teenager, my biggest fear was that I would find out someday that I couldn't have children. Thankfully, I was blessed with three bundles of joy.

Today, I am afraid of home intruders or scary people harming my children.

I am afraid of my Trailblazer breaking down unexpectedly, and not having the money to repair it.

Sometimes in bad snow storms, I am afraid of being out on the road...especially after my experience a couple of years ago on Rollercoaster Road. I drove by at least four rollover accidents while I was stuck on that insane road during a really crazy storm. I think that was the most terrified I have ever been while driving. Believe me, in almost white out conditions, you do not want to be on any street with Rollercoaster in its name. Just a word of advice.

Oh there was one other time when I was pretty freaked out during a drive in the winter. It was a very cold night and a red sporty car decided it would be fun to drive insanely fast on black ice. Yes, he came right at me rather quickly and almost plowed into me. I kind of saw it happening, right before he slid...I just had a hunch. I knew that I couldn't push my brake too hard, or I would slide. So I barely touched the brake. I was able to slow down just enough so that we ended up barely missing each other. He ended up on the side of the road...I think he even spun.

Yes, I think sometimes, when I have to drive in a snowstorm, I have mild panic attacks.

I am proud to say however, that I haven't crashed a car since I was 16 (knock on wood). Did I totally just jinx myself?


thefaeryinn said...

I can't say I've ever even thought much about UFO's...

But the driving in storms - I hate that too. With a purple passion that burns deep within my soul.

Debby said...

I am not looking forward to driving in snow. And there will be no way to avoid it once I start working.