Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Psalms Sunday

One day last month, the Christian Women Online's Motivation for Mom ticker on my site suggested picking a verse out of each Psalm and putting it up in the home somewhere. That afternoon I began reading through the Psalms and jotting down various verses that spoke to me. While doing this, there was one verse I came across that just convicted me in such a way. It was one of those times where the verse just fits what you are going through and ends up not only convicting you, but encouraging you as well. I was just about to sit down and blog all about it when I thought....hmmmm...I wonder if other people have had various verses from Psalms speak to them in the same way. And then I decided that it would be such a great idea for a Meme. So, I introduce to you....Psalms Sunday.

Each Sunday I will pick one or two Psalms (depending on length). If you would like to take part, after reading the Psalms, share in a post whatever you would like in regards to what you read. For example, what did you think of it? What does it mean to you? Do you have a story behind it? Can you teach us something about it? Do you relate to a portion of it? What verse from it spoke to you the most?

I will write my post as well on Sunday morning and include a mister linky so that all contributors can link to their posts.

For now, I am planning on doing the Psalms in order. So, if we all keep up with could take a couple of years to complete. As time goes on, I may choose to skip around the book of Psalms. But for now, we will start at the very beginning.

So, meet me back here this Sunday for a look at Psalm 1.