Monday, January 15, 2007

Stranger Danger

So, you may or may not have noticed some changes to my blog. I took off anything that lets others know what city I reside in. I am also going to no longer use my children's names. They will be the miss and the mister. My hubby will be DH. I am still working on changing every post. I have maybe 100 more to go.
My email address was also removed due to the identifying information in it.
Why the sudden change? While at the retreat Friday night, a few of us got on the topic of blogs. One of the gals mentioned to me that the idea of having a blog scares her because of a case in California a family member of hers was involved in. A young child was horrifically attacked and murdered in her home. It was one of the worst cases in that city's history. The murderer first heard of and saw the child on a family member's blog. He was also able to find out where the child lived by piecing together the various clues placed throughout the blog. It's scary, folks. I mean, of course I knew from day one that anything I put on the internet is out there for all to see, but it didn't really worry me until Friday night. I need to keep my children safe.

Also, while on the topic of child safety, I urge parents of toddlers to start teaching your children now about strangers. Honestly, my little miss doesn't know yet to be scared of people she has never met before. We chat with sweet old ladies at the grocery store who may come up to us to compliment the kiddos. Every Sunday, she is left with a preschool teacher at church. She would most likely go with an adult if they asked her to, because she doesn't have any reason to see it as dangerous. I have every intention of teaching her about strangers and what not, but always thought of it as something that you do when they are a bit older.

But over the weekend, I also heard of another story that is producing some more changes in me. I heard the story of a gal who was abducted at the age of four. She willingly went with the man. She now goes around and talks to young kids about the danger of strangers and how to protect yourself.

So, please keep that in mind and talk to your 2, 3 and 4 year olds about it.