Tuesday, January 9, 2007

In Other Words

"Wherever you are spiritually, whatever you have been through emotionally, you are already wrapped in the Lord's embrace. Held close by nail-scarred hands."(quote from 'Embrace Grace')
~ Liz Curtis Higgs ~

Up above is the video from BarlowGirl for their song Never Alone. I have always looooooved this song. I especially love the lyrics. I am sure we can all think of times where we felt burdened, stuck, confused, lost and we gave it to God. And maybe we didn't receive the answers right away. Maybe we didn't even feel like He had listened. How did we respond when that happened? Did we give up on Him? Did we put time constraints on His help? Or did we hold onto that faith inside, and know that everything would be okay...that our God would take care of us?

His nail-scarred hands are proof that He will do everything for us....that He loves us. He is there, He is walking with us, He is embracing us.

Just give it to Him. GIVE IT TO HIM! Let Him hold you today. Let go of all you are struggling with. Take His peace and His comfort. Fall into His arms.

"So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I'm never alone"