Sunday, January 14, 2007

Psalms Sunday

I had assigned two Psalms today, Psalm 2 and Psalm 110. My Bible said that they go together. They are both royal Psalms and they point to the coming reign of the Lord's Messiah.

Psalm 2
Psalm 110

I know I chose lots of reading for today. I hope that didn't deter you from entering into His Word today for this week's Psalms Sunday. I was a little overwhelmed myself and lost at what to write about for today. Originally, I wanted to research these two Psalms and really give you an informative, educational post today. But this morning when I read the two Psalms again, something jumped out at me and I knew immediately what I was going to write.

Today I am focusing on Psalm 2:11-12

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...blessed are all who take refuge in Him.

What a beautiful promise. We will be blessed when He becomes our refuge.

Friday night I had the opportunity to sit amongst eleven other women during a small Women's retreat. During a time of worship, we began sharing our testimonies as the Lord led us. I must tell you, I have never before witnessed such an intense and amazing bonding experience as what took place that evening. So many opened up and shared all that they have been through in this lifetime. A couple of women shared some things that they mentioned they had only shared with a few people their entire lives. There were stories of multiple diseases, physically and emotionally abusive relationships, rape, child abduction, death of loved ones, and intense heartache. We wept for each other, we prayed for each other and we sang to our God. And in the midst of all of the tragic stories that were shared, one constant remained, JOY! We all had joy in our hearts, even those of us struggling. And that joy allowed for the ability to really minister to those whom were the most heavily burdened.

I remember one gal, who had been through emotional abuse, physical abuse, adultery, major operations, and terrible illness, told us that after years of trying to deal with it all on her own, she finally gave it to God. She no longer dwells on her past and she puts everything into His hands. And what a joyful spirit she has. She's an amazing testimony of what happens when you allow God to become your refuge. Although there was enough trauma in that room to create several lifetime movies, an outsider looking in would never know it. Because that room was filled with God-fearing, God-loving, God-surrendered women singing praises with joy in their hearts. The joy that comes from knowing that God can change lives, heal the broken hearted and use all situations, no matter how bad, to glorify Him.


Next week, join me as we look at Psalm 3.