Friday, September 29, 2006

Is it 6:00 P.M. yet?

Well, today's day care day is a tough one. It's my first real tough day though, so with 5 kids...and having them for the past 2 weeks, it's amazing I made it this far. The miss and R are both super whiney today. And I mean super whiney. R won't stop throwing toys. I have talked to him about it....I have re-directed him. I eventually put him in time out. But what did he do as soon as he was out of time out? He threw toys again. And he isn't just throwing them in the air, he is throwing them AT people. And the miss is just whining and complaining about everything. So, my patience has started to wear thin just a bit. But in an hour my day will be halfway over.

In other news, I have decided that there will be no more pacifiers with the miss starting tomorrow morning. This will make for a tough weekend I am sure. And I know my family who know my stance on Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny will find the method I am going to use a little absurd, but I think it may work. Oh and in case you aren't family, we don't incorporate Santa or The Easter Bunny into the holidays. I can explain that all in another blog on another day. Anyway, we are going to collect all of her pacifiers tonight and leave them in a bag on her window sill. Then tonight while she is asleep, the Paci-fairy will come and take them away and leave her a special toy in their place.
Since I am not sure if the miss knows what a fairy is, I found a picture online and printed it out so that she can see what the Paci-fairy looks like.
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I've explained it to her a few times already and she does seem to get a little sad. I know she won't be happy tomorrow...and I know she'll scream for it tomorrow night when she is ready for bed time. Tonight, I will let her go to sleep with her pacifier with the knowledge that when she falls asleep, I will take the pacifier from her and put it with the others.

Last night we sold Luna to a really sweet girl. She recently moved out here with her hubby who is in the Air Force. They have a Great Dane puppy and were looking for another puppy to be her playmate. She and her hubby both grew up with labs. She brought her puppy over last night to see if Luna would get along with her and then she paid us for Luna, we put her in the gal's truck and off she went. I was a tad sad to see Luna go. But I know that we just at this time couldn't give her the attention that she really needed. Also, the weather is getting colder and soon it would be too cold to keep her outside. Keeping her in the house scared me because I knew she'd chew up everything and DH and I just don't have the time right now to train her. We also couldn't keep her in the garage on cold nights because she'd destroy the bowflex.

I am so happy to know that she is going to a loving home and will have another puppy to grow up with. She will love having a playmate and they really did look so cute together. The great dane is only 3 months old, so Luna was a monster in size compared to her, but soon I think the great dane will be bigger, that's for sure. So, Luna better not be too tough on her now.

Well, that's all I can fit in for now...time to round up the troops. More to come this evening or this weekend......