Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Positive ways to see children -- Oh and just for the record, I unfortunately can't take credit for these. They are from a handout I received during training for my Family Child Care Home license.

1. The child isn't bossy, he is a natural leader and a good director.

2. The child isn't clingy, she is affectionate.

3. The child isn't naughty, he is independent, assertive and persistent.

4. The child isn't sneaky, she is inventive.

5. The child isn't a tattletale, he seeks justice.

6. The child isn't too talkative, she communicates well.

7. The child isn't timid, he is careful.

8. The child isn't talking back, she is courageous and honest.

9. The child isn't loud, he is expressive.

10. The child isn't goofy, she is creative.

11. The child isn't spoiled, he knows how to get attention when needed.

12. The child isn't stubborn, she is persistent.

13. The child isn't shy, he can entertain himself and is inner directed.

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