Friday, September 15, 2006


So, as a Christian I know that when faced with decisions, big decisions we are to trust in God. We pray about it, he leads us. But does anyone else feel like I do, in that sometimes it is just really hard to do that. And what if it is something that has to be decided quickly? And how do you know if you make the right choice? I know that even if you do or don't, God still is there and holds your hand, but should I feel bad if sometimes knowing that doesn't fully give me the peace that I know it should?
Is this proving that I am not where I should be in my walk with God right now?

And what if this decision is one where you and your spouse have opposing views? As a Christian wife, I know that I am to let my husband lead.....go in his direction. But what if it scares me to do so? Am I doing too much wrong by wanting to debate my hubby on something? Should I just do as he says and desires? Maybe if he sought the Lord in it first, I'd feel better? But then we are back to my questions above.

I know that know matter what, we will be fine. We always are. God provides. But not knowing what lies ahead can be scary.

I have always been good at adapting to change. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't stress me out or worry me.

Well, through it all, my hope is in God. I will try not to worry, because I know He will keep us under His wing.