Friday, February 15, 2008

This Is An Order

You must read this:
Another Post From Uganda.

The Compassion team with their team of bloggers is in Uganda posting their thoughts, their pictures, their journey.

And the post I linked to above, it just REALLY, REALLY needs to be read by as many as possible.

Here are a few excerpts from it.

"I asked him whether he thought it better for a child to be brought up in the wealth of America or in the poverty of Uganda.

"Oh Uganda. Uganda. Absolutely," he said with passion.

"In America, your plentifulness drives you away from God. Here, for the poor, for me, I am grateful for every meal. I am dependent upon God and I know it."

"Even the poor, you see, they are happy and they are thankful to God. One of the things we need to know is that Africa is very hopeful and that keeps us going even if there is nothing today. Tomorrow, we believe, will be better."