Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mommy's A Sucker

So, the miss went to her dance class this morning, and I forgot all about how the newsletter in the beginning of the month said that the girls could dress up for the classes the week of Halloween. Well, I didn't pay much attention to it honestly, because we don't really "do" Halloween.
Well, last year we went to the fall festival at our church, that had tons of bouncy castles and games for the kids and tons of candy. Costumes were allowed, but not required. And the costumes couldn't be scary. We didn't have the kids dress up, but many were, so I decided that if we went this year, the miss could wear a Princess Dress.
I found a really pretty Barbie Princess one at Goodwill that just needed a little sewing where some sequins were coming off. So I got it for her for $3.00. Beats $20.00 in the stores, huh?
But I forgot about it and the sewing that needed to be done on it. So I just dressed her in her typical pink leotard and tights for dance class, and off we went this morning.
Well, almost every little girl in her class was a princess. There in her plain pink leotard, the miss was surrounded by Belle's and Cinderella's and she was NOT happy.
There were tears. Mommy was a bad mommy for forgetting, huh? Or, well, not making it a priority. And then, to make it worse, or better, depending on how you look at it, at her dance center, they were selling old recital costumes, ones not used, for $10.00. Not a bad price, really.
The miss spotted a red one with a huge white tutu and wanted it. She wanted to dress up like the other girls. And she gave me that look, ya know, the one that turns the mommy into a sucker. And so I bought it for her.
We put it on over her other dance clothes, since it was 35 degrees outside. And she just lit up. She loves it, and couldn't wait to show her daddy. "He's going to say, wow", she kept saying, as we drove home.
So, here she is in her new dress up outfit, over her other leotard. And maybe she'll wear it to the fall festival on Wednesday.
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I do have to admit, she does look darling in it.
ahem, sucker, ahem. :o)