Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ooooo's and Ahhh's

Well, we went to the Air Force Academy this year for fireworks. And it was only open to ID card holders, which we felt was nice and safe.
The miss was so excited to see fireworks this year and had been talking about it for days. Last year, they scared her, and she spent the entire time with her head buried in her daddy's arms.
But this year...she smiled brightly. She said, "WOW", over and over again. She loved them. The mister enjoyed them too. He watched them pretty intently and just smiled.
It was a fun night. I did take pictures, but I didn't have my picture card in the camera. And I had lost the USB connector that goes to my camera, weeks ago. So, I need the correct USB cord in order to access the pictures. And we purchased a 5 pack with all different sizes, and not a single one fit into the camera. But I am going to check Best Buy tomorrow. So, hopefully I can share the pictures soon.
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th.