Thursday, July 5, 2007


Well, here are some pictures from yesterday, as well as some that have been stuck on my camera for awhile.
Not many from last night really came out well.

About a month ago, the day care kids did a Green Eggs and Ham theme. So for lunch at the end of the week, we had green scrambled eggs. I can only serve eggs at lunchtime...not for breakfast...weird, huh? Here is the miss when I told her to make a gross face with her eggs. She actually did eat them all up.

While in chicago, I walked past this ad and told my photographer friend that it would make a silly picture. I jumped several times and it did get some attention of those walking by. They were looking at us like we were weirdos. And just so you know, I hate the socks I am wearing. I had to buy them in the hotel gift store...they were men's ankle socks and huge on me. We had to leave most of our luggage behind on the way to Chicago.

And here are some pics from yesterday, the 4th.