Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Little Update

Well, the week has been going well. My class has been pretty easy, to be honest. I am almost done with all of my reading. I am just waiting to receive one of my textbooks via UPS. It should be here today. I am actually ahead of the game, which is nice. I was posting assignments on Monday that were due Tuesday. And I am almost done with the rest of the week's assignments. My professor is a really nice gal and so far it's all going well. I am not learning much in terms of coding and stuff in this class. This class focuses more on designing for the user.

Any ol' way....on Friday night, I went over to my friend's house to work on the skirt for sewing seeds. What an event that was. I learned what not to do...and how to change a needle on a machine..since they kept breaking over and over again. I bought two different types of fabric and we started with my favorite one. But, we cut the pattern out wrong. So, we moved on to the next fabric. We were both tired...and a bit out of it...ya know..the...I've been drained by munchkins all day we decided to get some caffeine. But, it didn't help. We worked on the same skirt for 4 hours. We blame it on the machine that we had was hard to use and like I said the needles kept breaking. But, I did get to use it and sew. Honestly, it's not that hard. It's just using the patterns that is a bit difficult. By 1:00 A.M., we called it a night and my friend finished the skirt for me the next morning. So, I don't really feel like I can take much credit for it...but here it is...

Oh, and you know that quilt I started back in November for the little mister? Well, I never got around to working on it. Tiff and I worked on cutting the strips the other night and now we are ready to sew it. So, it should be done soon...and after finishing the quilt, I should definitely be used to using a sewing machine. I went to Joanne's last night and bought fabric to make a quilt for the little miss. I found really cute tinkerbell fabric that will make up the backing and one of the borders....and I picked out the fabric for the two other borders as well as my 3 dark colors. I still need 3 more colors and then I can start on hers. I think she'll like it.

On Monday night, I went to an Invisible Children screening at my old church. I showed up early and talked to the Invisible Children team to ask them if I could pass out flyers to people as they left to let them know about next week's screening...the one I set up. My hope was that the folks leaving the film on Monday night would be itching to tell others about it..and would send them to my screening. I sure hope there will be a good turnout. It's soon soon soon...April 9th. :o)

Oh, I have to run.....the kiddos are done with craft time and we are going to head on downstairs to play. But real's the mister Monday night...