Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pictures as promised

First here are pics from last weekend, when the kiddos went to Mis. Tiffany's house so hubby and I could have a date night. We saw Reign Over Me and I really liked it. I think that Adam Sandler did a GREAT job.

Don't forget, if you click on them, you can see them a bit larger. May not work for the first 3..because they are already small.

Then, on Sunday night, our little man was sick with an ear infection...which we didn't know he had until he went to the doctor on Monday. Anyway, he kept us up all night long, because he woke up every 15 minutes. He didn't sleep that night or really at all that day..but Monday night, he did finally fall asleep.

These are from today: This is the miss modeling...


And here's the miss with Tiffany's boy when they were outside playing today. We are watching Tiff's kiddos while she is out celebrating her anniversary...