Monday, October 23, 2006

My Passion

So, for this week's Shape Of My Faith, I am to talk about my passions. Here's a little blurb the meme creator wrote in regards to what we shall write about.

Sometimes a passion is related to spiritual gifts, sometimes to experience, sometimes to personality, but always it is God given. Sometimes we get too caught up in it and have to hand it back over to the Lord, He will hand it back at the right time, when you are most prepared to act on it. Sometimes He takes it away (if we use it wrong) and gives us something else in return.

So what’s your passion? What group do you care about so much it hurts? What cause makes your heart beat faster?

Children, Adults, Elderly, Babies, Teens, Men, Women?
Orphaned, Abused, Married, Single, Poor, Rich?
Mental Health, Physical health, Spiritual health, Emotional health?
Evangelism, Education, Discipleship, Prayer, Hospitality?

There are many more and many possible combinations of those listed above. Think about it.
This weeks Faith Shape asks what is YOUR heart’s passion?

So, here goes. First and foremost, I have a very strong passion for kids, primarily those who are hurting or abused, stricken with disease, autistic or orphaned. I long to someday work one on one with these types of children. I have a strong desire to possibly adopt one day, when the time is right. I have also always wanted to go on a mission trip to an orphanage. It looks like I am getting the chance to do that this summer.

I feel tugs on my heart all of the time to help out the children who are hurting. I have a desire to bring happiness and love to children fighting cancer. I want to reach into the world of an autistic child and try to show them God's love. I want to love on the orphaned.

God has ordered us to take care of His children. And I truly feel that as a call on my life.

I love to sing and I have always, ALWAYS enjoyed performing. It is a passion of mine. However, I don't think I am in that place in my walk or relationship with God where I am ready to use it for His work. A friend of mine who is also a Christian and a singer was having a conversation with me in regards to singing and worship. We both struggle with putting too much emphasis on having others hear us and think we are talented. I know that right now, if I was up on a stage worshipping GOd in song, that some of my thoughts would be...hmmmm..I wonder if that person is thinking, wow, she has talent. So, until I can get to a point where my singing is all about God and all for Him, I will not use that passion to its fullest capacity.

I have a passion for the youth groups at church. The teens, mainly high schoolers. I just know, from experience obviously, how hard it is to be a high schooler. I also know how on fire those kids can get. I would LOVE to work with the youth someday. I hope that one day DH and I could be the youth leaders/pastors at our church. I am sure if there ever is a time for that, that God will put it even more on our hearts.

So, there you have it folks. Since I am behind on this meme. I will be writing another edition on Wednesday about my abilities.