Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Saturday Photo Hunt Story

So, this week's theme is lost. I was half tempted to have my hubby take a picture of me in my car, because when I drive, I get lost A LOT! My friend, Susie, calls me directionally challenged. Instead I thought of a time I got lost and it was quite embarrassing. So, here's the story.......

This is me and my friend, Charity. We met while attending Huntington College, now University, in Indiana.

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At least once a week, we would go with our friend, Jen (she would drive), to a

small candy store
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in Downtown Huntington
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to buy Jones Sodas. We loved them. And the candy store had our favorite flavors, Pink and Happy. We collected the labels and saved them.
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One afternoon, I drove Charity and myself downtown for our Jones fix. Downtown had to be only a five minute drive. And we got lost on our way back with all the darn one way streets. We had stopped at the library too, but that was only a few minutes from the candy store. Anyway, It seriously took us an hour to get back to the school. An HOUR! I am not exaggerating. We were so lost and so embarrassed for ourselves. We were so frustrated trying to get back to the school. It was quite sad!

So there you have it!