Friday, October 20, 2006

Just Showed Up

Sara Groves is one of my favorite Christian recording artists. I was introduced to her in 2002, when she performed at the Christian college I was attending. I love her voice and her lyrics. Back in August she released a documentary, Nomad: Just showed Up. It is a documentary covering two trips she took on a mission to help others. One, to deliver goods to Katrina victims and the other, a missions trip to Rwanda.

I am pretty certain that her dvd will be available at Christian Bookstores. You can also find it Here

Here are some reviews:

NASHVILLE, TN8/11/06. INO Records and documentary film-makers from the Nomad Series recently collaborated to release "Sara Groves: Just Showed Up For My Own Life" a music infused, reality style film featuring Groves in all aspects of her life over the past year, and as the project hits the market this week, word about the film and its impact are pouring in from media, fellow artists and more:

"This DVD will truly impact the life of anyone who views it, Sara's gift thru her songwriting has always been her transparency regarding her faith, this film is a natural outgrowth of that transparency and her desire to be a true Christian in a world where Christians find it easy to be phony, take the time and watch it but be careful it may change your life" - Kevin Collard, ABC Radio-Detroit

"There is something deeply satisfying that happens when we are invited into the real-time dialogue and struggle of a person finding redemption in the face of human suffering and violence. And it is a rich and wonderful gift to connect with God and humanity through the experiences and thoughts of someone as articulate, inspiring, and graceful as Sara Groves. " -Dan Haseltine (jarsofclay/Blood:Water Mission)

"Its one thing to face life outside of your comfort zone and to embrace the suffering around you, but to share that journey with the world is nothing short of courageous. This film inspires." - Cara Davis, editor, Radiant magazine

"Be forewarned. By viewing this documentary, your own view of the world may be changed or, at the very least, called into question. And in this case, that can only be a good thing." -Andy Argyrakis for CCM Magazine

Just Showed Up for My Own Life invites the audience to view an artist beyond the studio, beyond backstage and beyond the road life. Travel with Groves to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Slidell, Louisiana as relief efforts are underway to restore a community ravaged by the storm. See the beautiful country of Rwanda on an emotional trip with Groves and her team to learn about the challenges of reconciliation and economic development 11 years after mass genocide.

"We started out making a simple music DVD, with behind the scenes footage in the studio, scenes from our life on the road, and of course some concert footage, but it just failed to capture the essence of the album, recalls Groves. So, we partnered with a documentary film company to tell the larger story. We started to ask what it means to add to the beauty, and that question led us around the world. As production wraps up, I am profoundly grateful that God chose me to be a witness to this span of years. I am excited to be a witness to what God is doing in this, my brief time on earth, and humbled that He has invited me to be a part of His beautiful, restorative work."

Also, here's a little preview for you.