Thursday, November 29, 2007

Picture Me

So, I found this fun meme at Diary of a Shoe Addict and thought I'd do it as well.

I added a couple to it though...

Basically the rules type your answer into google images and use your favorite image.

1. My Age at my next birthday, which is soon:

2. Place of Birth:

Hartford, Connecticut

3. Places I want to visit:

Okay, first there's the Hagia Sophia in Turkey

Then, it's off to Ireland to see the castles

And then, once back in the states, it's off to have a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3

4. My Nickname:
Well, I don't really have one. So I looked up, I don't have one, and here's the image that came up...

5. My Favorite Places:
New York City

In Worship

On stage performing

6. My Favorite Things:

7. My Favorite Food:

8. My Favorite Colors:

9. My Favorite Flowers:
Sterling Roses and Tulips

So I tag all of you, if you are up for it.