Sunday, November 4, 2007

Letters to the Grandparents, G.G., Papa and Tara

The weekly rambling of my almost 4 year old miss.

I made a glass pumpkin. We painted it orange with black eyes, mouth and nose.
I'm eating jello. It's shaky. It fall on my leg.
I saw a Bee Movie. A dad tried to kill the bee, Barry, in the bathroom. It was really funny. Everybody laughed at him. We laughed so hard. Daddy took me. I went to the movie with my daddy and I rested my head on him. And then I got blue ice cream, cotton candy taste, with sprinkles, because I was a good listener. I couldn't eat daddy's ice cream. His had nuts in it.
My teddy bear is at a dress up party. I put makeup on her and brush her hair.
That's Enough!!!
I love you and I give you hearts, big hearts. Mommy, color a heart! Where's the heart? Mommy, color it. Okay. I will hang this on the fridge now and G.G. and Papa will come to my house to see it.
The Miss