Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thankful Thursday

The hubby is officially going to be out of the Air Force in September, and he recently found out that 11 people in his work area will most likely be deployed to Iraq. For once there is a scary deployment that I don't have to spend an ounce of time worrying about. And it's nice. I am keeping everyone's families in my prayers, however, as they prepare for the upcoming deployments.

I am thankful for the beautiful weather lately, but I need to remember that even when it isn't THAT hot out, the kids still need sunscreen. Oh and I do too. I have been so good about it, but yesterday, I forgot, and the poor mister got a little burn on the back of his neck. It's actually pretty red, but aloe is helping it. I won't forget anymore.

I am thankful for my stove, seriously! I was watching a video that Bobby with Invisible Children did for his Displaced Camp Journal. He is living in one of Gulu's displaced camps and documenting it. It took them 4 hours to cook a dinner of potatoes.
And here I am in my cozy home, with my fridge, microwave and stove. Really, that in itself is a blessing. And how I take it for granted.
Bobby's Journal 3

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I am thankful for my kiddos and for being able to have had this time in their lives to be at home with them, as much as it wears me out and drains me.

I am thankful for my hubby. He is a great man. I am proud to be his wife.