Friday, May 18, 2007

The Junk in My Purse

Okay, my wonderful friend,Tiff, tagged me to do the purse meme. In this meme, I am to show you the contents of my purse.

Cue the excitement.

Well, here goes.

I recently switched over to this dirty and out of season purse, because I can fit more mommy things in it, like diapers and such and have more compartments for organizing...or for at least trying out organization.

Okay here is inside the first front pocket.

I don't usually have cash floating around like that. It is part of a payment a mom gave me a few weeks ago. I have been meaning to deposit it. But then when I left for New Mexico, I thought I'd just keep it handy. And there is also my pretty pink ipod, which needs to be charged. Keeping it in my purse, keeps it out of the miss' hands and it is also accesible at the grocery store. Sometimes it's nice to listen to it while shopping...well..when I go without the kids.
And of course, there's my debit card. Yep, no wallet, just the few cards I need..right there in my purse pockets. I know it isn't safe..they could get lost easily..but for now, that's how it works.

Here's pocket 2

Yep, a huge stack of receipts. I have to save all of them, whenever I buy something to use for the day care too. And I am behind on organizing them for the past two months. So, that's my stash. Oh, and wow..don't look at the total. That was one expensive shopping trip. A bulk amount of diapers, formula and some clothes will add so much to a grocery total. That's why it's best to stay away from Wal-Mart. Let's see what else is there? Oh, there's the other 3 cards I Military ID, license and library card. Oh, and the miss' sword from our stop at Denny's on the way home from New Mexico.

Okay, inside the purse now....

Sunscreen....if only I can remember to use it all of the time. Oh, and a ton of new stamps that I bought from the ATM the last time I was at the bank. And a Blockbuster movie that I plan on returning at the nearby Blockbuster to rent a new one. That's been in there for 2 weeks now. I should get on that....or stick it in the mail.

And I have one more comparment inside my purse.

My Bible and book I write notes in, isn't always in my purse, but last night I went to Bible Study and stuffed them in my purse, because my hands were full. I also keep a diaper and some wipes with me at all times. There's another pen and my checkbook..oh and look, a penny, it's my lucky day. Actually the Safeway by my house, has a horse for the kids to ride on and it only costs a penny. I love it when there is one stashed in my that the miss can ride on the horse. And lastly, the magic fish is still hiding out in my purse. I bought him at the aquarium we visited in New Mexico. It is one that you put in water and then it grows. I should do that with the day care kids today.

So, there you purse. Boy has it changed. Before kids, my purse had makeup, a brush, maybe even a trial size of deoderant, hey I lived in AZ, mints, gum, contacts case, snacks....

Now, it's mainly stuff for kids.