Friday, February 16, 2007

Two Weeks Of Sacrifice

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I recently came across information regarding Blood:Water Misson headed up by Jars of Clay. and I want to do something to help them and I WANT YOU TO HELP TOO. And it will be easy! First, here's a little background information behind Blood:Water Mission, taken from their website.

"When Dan Haseltine, Jars of Clay's lead singer, visited Africa in 2002, he had to struggle to accept what he saw. Poverty and physical and social suffering in Africa shook him, challenged him, and changed him.

Haseltine returned overwhelmed by despair, transformed by hope and called to action. He came back with a vision for clean blood and clean water in Africa -- blood free of the HIV virus and water free of parasites and bacteria that cause AIDS patients and others undue suffering. He and his band mates envisioned this orphaned continent to be transformed through the installation of Christ's sacrificial symbols of blood and water.

Jars of Clay's main audience are the church and young people across the nation. The band knows that both populations are uniquely equipped to respond to world suffering and injustice. The band members saw a shining opportunity for people to offer Gods hand of mercy in the broken places. They believed that through bringing the crisis to the minds and hearts of Americans and through presenting opportunities to make a positive tangible impact in Africa, lives would be transformed both here and there.

This, then, is the Blood:Water Mission, committed to clean blood and clean water to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic, to build clean wells in Africa, to support medical facilities caring for the sick, to make a lasting impact in the fight against poverty, injustice and oppression in Africa through the linking of needs, talents and continents, of people and resources."

Would you like to help? "You can do so without dipping into your savings, without affecting your contributions to churches and other charities."

Starting Saturday, February 24th, I am asking you to join me in Two Weeks of Sacrifice to raise money for Blood:Water Mission. Here's how it works....

• Make water your only beverage for just 2 weeks.

• For those 2 weeks, take the money you would usually spend on soda, juice, sports drinks, coffee, milk, etc., and collect it in a your favorite mug or cup.

• When the 2 weeks is over, contribute the funds to Blood:Water Mission. Send your check to the address below.

• Please include a remittance/feedback form with your contribution


Collected donations for the 1000 Wells Project should be sent to:

Blood:Water Mission
P.O. Box 682545
Franklin, TN 37068-2545

Feedback forms can be found here.Also there is a tally form to keep track of how much you aren't spending on beverages.

I am including a mister linky at the end of this post. If you think you can sacrifice your favorite beverages beginning Saturday, February 24th and ending Saturday, March 10th, please sign up on my linky and post the two weeks of sacrifice image on your blog. Please tell as many as possible about this campaign. At the end of the two weeks, please comment me on how much you saved up for Blood:Water Mission. I will do a tally of all those involved and see just how much our two weeks earned to provide clean water for those in Africa.

The code for the image is:

Thank you for joining me in this effort to help.

If you are interested in learning more about Blood:Water Mission, you can watch this video.

Again, if you want to take part...put your name in the Mister Linky Below. Thank you!!!